TC Electronic Releases WireTap Riff Recorder Pedal & App

TC Electronic has introduced WireTap Riff Recorder, a new recording pedal and companion iOS app.

It’s designed to be plugged into your instrument output path all the time. You just press the pedal button anytime you want to capture a new recording, in CD quality.

Wire Tap Riff Recorder lets you record up to 8 hours of 24-bit uncompressed audio.

TC_Electronic_wiretap_riff_recorderWiretap Riff Recorder Features:

  • Pedal-simple Riff Recorder
  • Record up to 8hours of music on the pedal
  • Records in 24-bit 44.1khz audio quality
  • Free accompanying app for iOS and Android
  • Bluetooth connectivity – Sync the pedal with the app
  • Trim, tag, group, name and share your riffs via the app
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Runs on 9V DC/100mA

TC_Electronic_wiretap-tracklist-swipe-to-sync-sync-onAfter capturing audio on the WireTap Riff Recorder pedal, users can sync it up with the WireTap app via Bluetooth, to transfer riffs and sketches to your phone.

The WireTap mobile app also works app as a high-quality standalone recorder. It also lets you tag, name, group, trim and share your recordings.

Pricing and Availability:

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced.

See the TC Electronic site for more info.

6 thoughts on “TC Electronic Releases WireTap Riff Recorder Pedal & App

  1. This is cool but what if instead it was always recording a 1 min buffer in the background and as you’re playing and you nail a tasty lick it will already have been recorded and you just have to hit stop. Hitting record usually involves me moving my hands and my attention which often ruins the moment. This way you’d never have to remember to hit record.

    I believe Sony made a Minidisc car stereo with this feature so you could always record that hot song on the radio.

    1. The footswitch is there so you don’t have to move your hands or prepare anything.

      If you need something that is always recording maybe you need a simple recorder and hit rec at the beggining of a session. Memory is cheap these days. But…

      I think this is a great idea because you can get a “sound snapshot”, hit stop and move to the next one (or as many variations of the same snapshot). At the end of the day you can have as many snapshots as you want and you wouldn’t have to go through hours of recording or have to use just the last thing you played.

  2. Stereo would be nice for keyboards.
    Also a small version of this with a 3.5mm mic input for DSLR video shooters.
    A single 3 color led for input meter would be a good thing.
    I love the idea of a box that just does one thing as simply as possible. Expand the Bluetooth to work with Ableton and I would buy. Many possibilities.

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