Inside The Doom Soundtrack With Composer Mick Gordon

In this pair of videos, composer Mick Gordon gives a behind-the-scenes look at his process in creating the soundtrack for Doom 2016.

The first video, above, is guitar-focused. In the second video, though, Gordon talks about the electronics behind his sound.

9 thoughts on “Inside The Doom Soundtrack With Composer Mick Gordon

  1. Awesome…Love the music and can’t wait to get my PS4 and play the dam game. Have been so involved in music that gave up my gaming for it. Heee Haww!

  2. this prompted me to purchase doom.

    wait, was I supposed to be lusting after synths?

    whatever, the videos were good and I liked the music, though when he was talking about running sine waves through his modular system or whatever like it was this big conceptual breakthrough I winced a few times. hello, welcome to the concept of synthesis.

    1. Well, running sine wave tones and white noise bursts through lots of non-linear processes is a particular form of synthesis, but certainly not the most common one. I bet that there are still many people owning synths out there who will see no use for a sine wave except for modulation purposes. And for the purpose of advertisement (which this is), it’s certainly OK to be enthusiastic about your process. It’s not so much that this guy bough a lot of guitar effects pedals, synths, and a 9-string guitar, but that he did it to realize his artistic vision.

      Anyway, it’s fun to see that a decidedly digital art form such as the first person shooter comes with music made with at least 50% analog technology.

  3. doom 2016 seems fantastic, the soundtrack is lauded by all.
    this video however is just one generic phrase after the other with an ADHD editing.
    absolutely 0 insight whatsoever.

    first vid: i used some pedals and banged up gear to process the sound.
    second vid: i got that polivoks synth. aint it raw.

    not that i expect any studiotip gems but ffs.

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