Varia Instruments Intros RDM20 Analog Rotary DJ Mixer


Varia Instruments has introduced the RDM20 – a fully analog two-channel rotary DJ mixer, with one phono and two line inputs on each channel.

The mixer features two different three-band isolator-banks. One is set on the master and there’s another one on each channel. While the master isolator is quite steep and raw, the character of the channel isolator is more soft and smooth. 

The RDM20 has two balanced outputs (House XLR, Booth Jack), as well as a separate steady recording output (cinch).

The power supply unit is built in, so no extra mains adapter needed. Analog VU-meters are indicating the level of the master.

The RDM20 is available now, priced at 2’190 CHF. See the Varia Instruments site for details.

via christian, Marcel

14 thoughts on “Varia Instruments Intros RDM20 Analog Rotary DJ Mixer

      1. Probably for far less, but you can’t keep a business alive like that. One of the problems of being a bit player in a nice industry.

  1. God damn this thing is beautiful. I have no need for a DJ mixer, but I’d love to see an 8 or 16 channel version. This vintage styling is so desirable; if a manufacturer made a multi channel version it would sell like hot cakes. The price point would have to be right though.

  2. I used an Allen and Heath mixer that had rotary knobs instead of sliders once while djing and it was horrible experience for me. I thought the mixing would be smoother because of the knobs but it made it worse. Just my two cents.

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