SampleScience Intros Nostromos Cinematic Plugin


SampleScience has introduced Nostromos, a new ‘cinematic’ virtual instrument, featuring 1.1 gig of sampled sounds.

The plugin has 80 playable instruments. Each sound can be modified using a series of simple parameters. The sounds range from ambient pads to organic “mutant” textures, ethereal tones to mystic bells.


  • 80 epic cinematic instruments
  • LFO with rate and depth controls
  • A Sub oscillator
  • Vinyl crackles, noise, dust, room reverb and soft saturation effects

Here’s an official audio demo:

Nostromos is available now for US $29.99.

2 thoughts on “SampleScience Intros Nostromos Cinematic Plugin

  1. Couldn’t get the above audio to work in my browser. Went to the website and listened to the demo there. It’s a very slow evolving ambient track, and it takes a LONG time to hear what it does.

    I do love sample sets with low prices like this.

  2. It’s not mentioned above, but there is also a Free “Light Edition” with five samples available on the website with no-registration download. Its totally worth it, because you can hear how MUCH you can morph each sample using the various effects: envelope, noise, saturation, etc. Its a very well designed instrument!

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