Free Sequencer, Technocity, For Max For Live


Developer Arthur Gibert has released Technocity – a free Max For Live device that he says is ‘heavily inspired’ by the Intelijel Metropolis and RYK M-185 sequencers.

Each of the 8 stages is set to one note and can last up to 8 steps. Each stage has 4 play modes (repeat, one note, one note sustained or silent). Each step can also be accented or played portamento (slide) from the previous stage.

You also have control over the Clock with unconventional timing available (quituplet, seventuplets), swing, gate length, velocity etc…

Here’s an audio demo. Everything has been sequenced by Technopolis, but the drums and the pads:

Gibert has made Technocity available as a free download (donations appreciated) via his site.

6 thoughts on “Free Sequencer, Technocity, For Max For Live

    1. I was also using the ML-185 before that and then the MK16-185 which is a 16 step version but in my opinion the Technocity is way better! It has slide, reset, random stage mode, gate length, you can add an extension etc…. I recommend to switch if you were using the ML-185 same functionalities but also some more. Really cool stuff:))).

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