New Drum Plugin Based On Roland TR-606


Monade Sounds has introduced Pure606, a sample-based emulation of the Roland TR-606 drum machine.

Pure606 is based on a 24-bit sample set, recorded straight from a TR-606. The sounds have also been sampled using various samplers (Akai MPC60, E-mu SP-1200), and recorded through vintage tube amps and tape recorders.

The result is, in addition to the clean 606 kit, 14 variations of the TR-606 drum kit that have their own unique sonic quality.

Here is the official audio demo:


  • The original TR-606 drum kit + 14 additional 606 drum kit processed through vintage units
  • Compressor
  • Stereo out and multi-outputs TR-606 drum kits
  • Sub effect for the kick drum
  • Reverb for the hi-hats and Cymbal sounds
  • 32 bit/64 bit VST plugin for Windows
  • Universal VST/AU plugin for Mac OSX

Pure606 is available now as a VST instrument plugin for Windows (32 bit/64 bit) and Mac OSX (AU version also available).

9 thoughts on “New Drum Plugin Based On Roland TR-606

  1. Great price / loving these kind of boutique specialty instruments. I do wish there was pitch per drum but suppose that’s not true to the OG 606.

  2. Update: Bought it / realized that the sounds do in fact have pitch via their layout on the (piano roll) keyboard (which is rather awesome). Within the minimal parameters and built-in compressor there’s a surprising amount of variation / experimentation / innovation possible. Liking this a whole lot so thanks Monade Sounds for making this and thanks Synthtopia for bringing it to attention!

    1. Jan

      This virtual instrument does not copy either Roland’s samples (the original 606 is analog) or the original instrument’s look (see XmasDreamz’s comment above!).

      If they had copied the samples from a Roland 909, though, and copied that instrument’s look, that would be a different story.

        1. Jan

          The open & close hat, crash & ride cymbal sounds on the TR-909 are sample-based.

          It seems that you are questioning our decision to cover Pure606, when we did not cover some recent products from your company, DSP Synths/DSP Modular.

          As we’ve discussed with you privately, several of your DSP Synths/DSP Modular products appear to make use of unlicensed copyrighted material. They also appear to copy the logos/look of other company’s gear.

          A couple of examples would be your DX and LinnDrum products, which appear to copy the name, look and samples of well-known products created by Tom Oberheim and Roger Linn.

          The rule of thumb that we’ve seen for using sampled sounds is to assume that all sound recordings are under copyright through 2067 and they should not be used without proper licensing:

          In the case of Monade Sounds & Pure606, we do not see any ‘red flags’ with what they’re doing. They are not copying Roland samples, because the original TR-606 is analog. They aren’t copying Roland’s logos/look, either and the name they chose is different enough to avoid confusion.

      1. And a quote from your own post on the Nava 909 clone.

        “?3x program EPROM 27C256 with the sound of HitHat, Crash and Ride as those present in the original TR-909.”

        You are are’nt very consistent.

        1. Jan, you appear to be confused about why Synthtopia cares about this issue.

          It’s not our goal or a good use of our time to try to be the ‘copyright police’.

          Instead, it simply does not make business sense for us to spend time reporting on products that appear to infringe on copyrights.

          Here’s an example of why we don’t want to spend time reporting on these types of products:

          In 2011, Best Service introduced ‘Kraftworker’, which was ‘inspired’ by the sounds of Kraftwerk. Best Service ended up pulling the product, which left us with nothing to show for our work but a broken post full of broken links:

          Writing about that product was not a good use of our time.

          On your products, you’re using names, logos, look and samples from some classic gear. Since you don’t state that you’ve licensed any of this, we have to assume that you’re infringing on the work of people like Roger Linn and Tom Oberheim.

          Because of that, it’s not a good use of our time to report on those products.

          If you have other questions about this, contact me directly, as this discussion is off topic to this post.

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