Free ‘Real Analog Drums’ Sound Library For Roland JD-XA Synthesizer

roland-jd-xa-real-analog-drumsRoland has released a free sound library for the JD-XA synthesizer, Real Analog Drums.

Here’s what they have to say about the free sound library:

Real Analog Drums is the perfect solution for getting that classic analog Roland drum machine sound. Each program contains it’s own basic TR-style drum kit and sequenced drum pattern.

The kits are conveniently mapped across the keyboard and can be easily edited to sound vintage or amazingly contemporary. This collection is optimized for both the stereo outputs and the discrete analog output for 100% Real Analog Drums!

Here are the official audio demos:

Real Analog Drums is available now as a free download for the Roland JD-XA synthesizer.

via SonicState

4 thoughts on “Free ‘Real Analog Drums’ Sound Library For Roland JD-XA Synthesizer

  1. contrary to what was previously said on the internet, IT WAS VERY POSSIBLE TO HAVE REAL DRUM SOUNDS INSIDE THE JD-XA BEFORE ROLAND CAME UP WITH THIS NEW SOUND EXPANSION PACK. the integra-7 library at roland´s axial site contains drum sounds, and yes, the jd-xa is compatible with that sounds. to get some really nice dance drums for the jd-xa, go to and download eleven INTEGRA-7 “Euro Attack Synth” drum sounds. Or go to and download the INTEGRA –7 “NYC Nightlife Remix Collection” which gives you 29 dancefloor-ready sounds including five pumping kick drums and one snare drum.

    unfortunately, the sequencer in its current state is a bad joke. but according to roland clan commenter FxProject, an update is imminent. he wrote: “White edition of Jd-xa is a project for the Os-v2 ! This will be released soon ,os2 Will havé New features for JD-XA ..”

    has anyone tried to export jd-xa patterns as mid-files and used them inside a daw or midi file player, and built songs out of them? i´m contemplating buying a hardware standalone midi file player (roland bk-7m, miditemp mp11 or ketron midj pro). my goal is to export jd-xa midi files, built a song out of them inside the midi file player, and then trigger jd-xa´s internal sounds via midi from the midi file player (only track 1 to 8). what do you think? from what i understand one can programme cue lists of mid files with those midi file players. might this be a viable workaround solution for jd-xa´s lack of decent internal sequencing capabilites such as song mode? thank you.

    1. Real analog sound of electronics Drum non real Drum sound…the sound are programmed with the analog part so they are not compatible with integra 7 …

    2. there are 3 synth engines in the intergra7 and the FA-06 (same basic specs) there’s the super natural acoustic engine which is NOT in the JD-XA, there’s the supernatural synth engine that IS in the JD-xa which has around 480 waves to pick from and lastly there’s the PCM synth engine based around the JV5080 which is NOT in the jd-xa. hope tat clears up any confusion about what the digiatl engine is based around in the JD-XA.

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