Hyve Touch Synthesizer Performance Options (Sneak Preview)


Creator Skot Wiedmann shared this new video that demonstrates performance options for his Hyve Touch Synthesizer – a 60-note polyphonic analog synthesizer with 3-axis touch control.

The Hyve Touch Synthesizer has, to date, been made available as an inexpensive DIY project at synth building workshops. Some of the features of the Hyve board include: control for timbre and octave, chord groups (major and minor), pitch bends, easily tune-able and portable board (runs on 9V battery or 6-15V AC adapter) with an audio jack.

Wiedmann told us that he plans on having a website up for this later this summer and is also considering a crowdfunding project to fund production of a finished version of the Hyve Touch Synth.

If you’re interested in the Hyve, you can sign up to Wiedmann’s mailing list to get updates. And share your thoughts on the Hyve Touch Synthesizer in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Hyve Touch Synthesizer Performance Options (Sneak Preview)

  1. I’ll gladly support anything this guy makes sight unseen. I’ll never forget Namm 2009 he gave me a demo of his giant angular synth with smart fabric and my jaw was on the floor. I immediately went and grabbed Don Buchla and Mike Brown and after a short play, they were hooked too. We couldnt stop talking about this thing all night.. and then poof it all went dark and havent heard anything from the synth or its creator until now. I was convinced that he was an alien that packed up and left for home!

  2. Great design, very expressive, and looks fun to play. I’ve been on the mailing list for the Hyve Touch synth for a while. This is good news! I would definitely support a crowdfunding project for the Hyve synth.

  3. This is great as is, but has so much potential to become even more. Just don’t forget to put a fine-tuning pot somewhere. Too many small gadget synths don’t have it and many of us don’t always work in 440Hz.

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