New Vangelis Album, Rosetta (Sneak Preview)

vangelis-rosetta-albumWe have not seen an official announcement on this yet, but it looks like a new album from pioneering synthesist Vangelis is on the way.

The new Vangelis album, Rosetta, is showing up in several online stores as scheduled for release Sept 23, 2016, on the Universal Music/Decca label.

The track listing is to come, but Rosetta appears to be inspired by the European Space Agency (ESA) prove of the same name.  In 2014, the Rosetta space probe reached its target and, after 12 years in space, landed on it. Vangelis composed several new tracks, embedded below, to celebrate the event:

Vangelis – Arrival:

Vangelis – Philae’s Journey:

Vangelis – Rosetta’s Waltz:

Official details on the new Vangelis album, Rosetta, are still to be announced.

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10 thoughts on “New Vangelis Album, Rosetta (Sneak Preview)

  1. So ESA has a government funded budget of €5.25 billion a year and all we get is some pictures of a rock and some dodgy CGI?

    Not sure this is what Europe needs at this moment.. People are struggling to survive in parts..

    But nice to hear some new Vangelis!

    1. Space exploration holds some of the keys to many of the issues that affect us humans. The moon is full of Helium 3, a possible clean energy source for fusion reactors and asteroids like the one depicted on the cover of this album are loaded with precious minerals like gold, platinum and iridium. Which the computer’s were typing and reading on are full of.

    2. can i just say how ironic that statement is considering this is a synth website… maybe you should donate some $$$ to charity instead of buying your next sweet vintage synth because there are “people struggling to survive in parts…”

    3. If I necessarily have to pay taxes, I am much happier to see the money put to good use — and space exploration is much higher on my list than social measures.

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