14 thoughts on “An Interview With Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll

  1. Absolutely brilliant man and he has and continues to create some of the most “emotional” electronic music of all time.

    Any idea what the opening song was???

    1. Can’t say I can identify those pieces or know if they are released or whatever but they are clearly Orbital (aka Hartnoll) tracks. Those musical elements had his DNA all over them.

      edit: The credits state “Music kindly provided by Paul Hartnoll and ACP Recordings”

    1. Didn’t his brother come into the mix after Chime and the first album was done?

      In joint interviews, Paul is definitely the dominate one. Their interviews have always seemed really one-sided to me and it’s hard to tell how much input Phil has on the material as recorded. There is an interview from some music school about Chime specifically that is like this.

      Maybe someone can link some more info.

      I know Phil love the 303 tons though,

    2. That came up in a previous interview he did as well. It seems that Paul was the ‘dominant’ one, phil was more like a dj, still for me a group is always a group and you can’t really measure someones influence.
      Many people went ahead and did that, roger waters comes to mind as the biggest example and he never ‘proved’ his point. When you have a mix of people, there is a dynamic moving things in a certain way that wouldn’t happen with a different set of people…

      Anyway great interview from a guy who is responsible for one of the top electronic albums of all time (in-sides). Anyone who hasn’t should definitely listen to that one!

  2. Fantastic interview.

    I always loved Orbital. I used to buy anything and everything that had their name on it. They seemed to be on a whole other level than everyone else, at the time.

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