Interview With Absynth Creator Brian Clevinger

brian-clevinger-absynth-creatorThe latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast features an interview with Absynth creator Brian Clevinger.

Host Darwin Grosse talks with Clevinger about his background, the creation of Absynth and his current research.

Absynth is a semi-modular software synthesizer that combines a variety of approaches to synthesis with extensive modulation options and powerful envelopes.

Here’s what Grosse has to say about the interview:

Absynth is one of my favorite software synthesizers. It is everything you’d want in a modular system, but is packages like a standard instrument – helping smooth the way for quick-and-efficient patch development. But the level of modulation and pure sound design goodness is unparalleled – and this thing is 15 years old!

It’s a sign of great work when something lasts, and 15 years is forever in software terms. What makes Absynth so great? A combination of excellent design, fantastic sound and the fortitude to keep improving it the whole time.

Several people have pointed to Brian as a potential interview; I finally reached out to him and found him more than willing. Then we started talking, and it turned out to be one of the great chats that I’ve had. Brian is a cool guy, and was willing to be introspective about his work and perspectives. I felt like I made a new friend during our discussion – and you get to hear it happen.

Check out Brian’s sound work at his Soundcloud page. And if you aren’t using Absynth, you can check it out at its Native Instruments product page.

4 thoughts on “Interview With Absynth Creator Brian Clevinger

  1. I don’t have very many “I was there when…” moments, but I have been using Absynth since before it was an NI product. I have always loved its interface and unique way of making sounds. About 5 years ago, I released three eps that featured just Absynth an no other instruments. Such an underrated instrument.

    1. Great interview with a very talented gent.
      PJ – care to share a link to the EP? I’m doing the majority of my synthesis in Absynth also and it’s nice to hear what people are getting out of it.

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