Anyware Instruments Minisizer Hands-On Demo


The Anyware Instruments Minisizer is a tiny, palm-sized modular synthesizer that offers a fairly simple synth voice, but 143 patch points.

This video, via Felix of The Tuesday Night Machines, offers an overview and sound demo for the Minisizer. 


  • 1 OSC, 6 Waveforms incl. 2 Sub´s
  • Glide
  • 2 ENVs (ADSR,AD),
  • Moog-style ladder filter,
  • 3 VCAs,
  • 4 CV-MIDI & Gate
  • 6 jacks for interfacing with “the world”,
  • 24 Knobs,
  • 143 Patch Points
  • 2 AC/DC coupled lin/exp ctrl,
  • PWM, sync,
  • noise generator (white)
  • ring modulator
  • 2 LFO & inverter,
  • 1 more inverter, clipper
  • 3 Mixer

The Minisizer is available for 399 Euro at the Anyware site.

5 thoughts on “Anyware Instruments Minisizer Hands-On Demo

    1. Working now…..weird.

      This is actually a really neat synth.

      I almost like this small one more than the larger Tinysizer.

  1. Wow! Loving this! Especially the direct in/outs. And Tommys synths are always nice and fat sounding. At 399€ this hand-made boutique synth is a steal, that is if you are ok with tiny-pots and mini-patchbay… I am!

  2. I’d love to see an in-between size model with 2 oscs to ring mod! The Tinysizer is 3 tho the price is so high. I love where they’re going with this at a nice price point.

  3. Big fan of the tinysizer and have asked them twice about new runs. Not sure on this one; one osc is certainly interesting: like an amped up moog mother.

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