‘My Secret Weapon Is The E-Mu SP-1200’

Redshape (Sebastian Kramer) shares his ‘secret weapon’ for making drum sounds – the E-Mu SP-1200 on the latest episode of Telekom Electronic Beats TV.

Kramer also shares his take on the key features of the iconic drum machine and sampler.

The E-Mu SP-1200 was introduced in 1987 and, while its technical capabilities are in many ways limited by today’s standards, it has earned a reputation as a classic.

21 thoughts on “‘My Secret Weapon Is The E-Mu SP-1200’

      1. Minimal minimal minimal mnml mnl … Typical nu-Berhain Minimal Techno bollocks. What is there in this music that makes it likeable? Dance Paradox was utterly pretentious. Big drums, simple bass, simple synth parts… This guy can’t compose for crap.

        1. I think hes great.. I cant tell you what it is I like, it just does that thing in me that makes me feel like I like the music. Whatever you say about his composition it’s clear he’s comfortable and experienced enough with his equipment to get down the sound he’s after.
          Let me ask you, what is there in your comment that makes it worth reading?

          1. This: An opinion that some may share. That’s what.

            I agree that he can produce, but there is little “composition” in his music worth listening to.

            1. Composition is merely the combining of parts to form a whole. He’s making tonal and rhythmic decisions like any composer, albeit with deliberate restraint. I understand you don’t like the way he’s done it, perhaps you’d like more horizontal complexity, more distinct phrasing or more prominent harmony.. I dont really know what youre referring to specifically, you may have to better define your terms. I suspect you’re only trying to say it doesn’t sound enough like your own favoured pieces of music.

  1. I’m surprised to hear how close my TR-505 with the circuitbenders.co.uk pitch mod sounds to the SP. Not the same obviously, but close… And for 1/20th the price.

  2. ‘SP-1200’, ‘drums’ and ‘secret weapon’ in the same sentence? Is this guy from Mars?
    My secret weapon for techno is my TR-808, I should publish a video about it and maybe you guys can learn about this secret machine.

  3. The idea of an SP1200 being a secret anything is questionable but the specific points Mr Mask makes about the strength of the unit’s limitations is interesting and translate directly to several of my favorite iOS apps: The ability to do too much often results in getting nothing done.

    The Boiler Room set had really good dancefloor action for a Boiler Room set.

  4. Hi ,
    I also have a secret weapon, it’s a device called the TR-909 ,
    it has a special button called flame that will destroy you .
    Please don’t make me flame you .

  5. bunch of clever dicks here huh..:D
    wonder if anyone would share his discogs link with all his releases or a list with achievements in the studio? pretty sure y’ all got NOTHING. people who actually get stuff done dont hate around, that’s the loosers job usually.

  6. The Emu SP1200 is a BEAST it adds a 12 bit GLAZE over anything samples into it.
    Dirty and thicken up those 808 and 909 samples with the SP1200. lets not talk about the MPC60

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