10 Tips For The Bastl Bitranger Handheld Modular Synth

Bastl Instruments recently introduced the Bitranger – a handheld, patchable analog logic computer designed for sound – at Moogfest 2016.

This video, via The Tuesday Night Machines, offers 10 tips for using the Bitranger.

For more on the Bitranger, see our Moogfest interview with Václav Peloušek & Peter Edwards (Casper Electronics). In the video, they discuss their new collaboration and introduce the bitRanger.

Pricing and Availability

The Bastl bitRanger is available at the new Bastl & Casper store, ­Detective Squad, in Brooklyn, NY; and the original Bastl store, Noise Kitchen, in Brno Czech Republic. BitRanger is available for pre-order at the noise.kitchen website for 222 EUR (excluding tax) and will be shipping in June. For more information visit the Bastl Instruments website.

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