Make Noise 0-Coast Desktop Synthesizer Demo

This set of videos, via Perfect Circuit Audio, offers another look at the new Make Noise 0-Coast synthesizer.

The first video demonstrates the features and sound of the 0-Coast while sequenced by an Arturia Beatstep Pro.

The second video demonstrates the playability of the 0-Coast with a MIDI keyboard and arpeggiator:

The Make Noise 0-Coast, (aka the no-coast), is a new synth that can be used as a standalone module or integrated into a Eurorack modular system. The goal for the O-Coast was to create an all-in-one synth that works well for both the so-called ‘East Coast’ and ‘West Coast’ synthesis approaches.

The 0-Coast can be used with no patch cables, with an internal routing system that provides a version of the classic ‘East Coast’ patch: VCO – Timbral control – VCA + Envelope. It also offers more than two dozen patch points, allowing the sections to be used modularly.

Pricing and Availability

The Make Noise 0-Coast is now available, priced at about US $500. See the Make Noise site for more info.

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