New Virtual Instrument, AdLibXRom, Features Sound Of 90’s Soundcards

AdLibXRom_Product_1000pxSampleScience has introduced AdLibXRom, a sample-based instrument, featuring the sound of the AdLib sound card.

The AdLib soundcard, widely used in 90’s PCs, had a synthesis chip build by Yamaha. This chip was the YM3812, a FM and additive synthesizer which had up to 9 channels of digitally produced sound.

AdLibXRom features 40 sounds from the YM3812 in plugin format (VST & AU for Windows and Mac OSX, both 32 bit and 64 bit) as well as sfz, Kontakt 4, Reason NN-XT, wav & sf2 formats.”

Here are the official audio demos:

Pricing and Availability

AdLibXRom is available now for US $12.99.

12 thoughts on “New Virtual Instrument, AdLibXRom, Features Sound Of 90’s Soundcards

  1. I wouldn’t know a “YM3812 / AdLib soundcard” if one smacked me in the dome but I do know that I love the demo sounds here enough to part with $13. Beautifully nostalgic-future-lounge Keyyyys. (Or something) ..I’m In!

  2. It does sound vaguely accurate. I was wondering when the nostalgia over these old chips would kick in. I have an old Yamaha PSS-470 keyboard, which has the YM3812 chip inside. Great vintage game sounds!

  3. So it’s an OPL2 Rompler? Not bad for convenience.

    You could also use a real SoundBlaster or equivalent ISA sound card and something like Freq Monster 801
    for full midi control OPL 2/3. It also has an emulation mode but not as authentic.

    Additionally a cheaply had Yamaha FB-01 or TX-81z module might be up your alley.

    And of course the Native Instrument FM series or the free and awesome Dexed. Lots of good ways to enjoy old FM synth. 🙂

      1. Yeah I want one. I have a TX81z, DS-8, and DOS/Win 98 PC with SoundBlaster 16 for OPL 2/3.

        FM is cool. Isn’t there a Midi cartridge for Sega Genesis that gives you synth control of that chip?

  4. I used to laugh about mere Adlib sounds in games or the tinny sound of the Sega Genesis compared, but for some strange reason I feel the nostalgia associated with these cheap FM sounds, too. It definitely brings me back and that is a good thing.

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