The Erica Synths Pico VCO Fits A 32-Waveform Oscillator Into A 3HP Wide Module

Erica Synths shared this video demo of their new Pico VCO – a 3HP wide Eurorack module that offers 32 waveforms, a sub-oscillator and an LFO mode. 


  • 2 banks, each contains 16 waves
  • VCO/LFO mode
  • Voltage controlled wavesurfing
  • Wave morphing in LFO setting

The Erica Synths Pico modules are designed with to goal of offering ‘superior functionality synth modules, 3HP wide and affordable’.

Pricing and Availability

The Pico VCO is available now for 100 Euro.

15 thoughts on “The Erica Synths Pico VCO Fits A 32-Waveform Oscillator Into A 3HP Wide Module

        1. I’m glad you corrected me. I wrote that after staying up too late, looked into it and noticed there was a lot of talking about waves, and must have fallen asleep in my chair. ;D

  1. I don’t understand this current wave of retro-fitting digital components into what used to be be analogue modular synth set-ups. If you want digital and all its benefits, there’s a plethora of modular plug-ins you can use and they’re all polyphonic and way cheaper to boot. Or am I being too much of an analogue purist?

    1. you might not want to have a computer with you, and you might need more oscillators in an already over crowded modular case, in that instance a very small and digitally stable vco like this might be just the thing you need.

      i like the erica range, their tube modules sound really good and the matrix thing with the touch screen is a really useful module.

    2. I think that part of the fun with modular, so far as I can see (I can’t afford a modular setup myself) is that you can mix and match like this; Digital has it’s advantages, and so does analogue, so why not have both? If you don’t want the digital bits, don’t plug them in.

      1. Spot on. To be honest, there’s not a lot of analogue purism within the Euro scene these days and some of the most exciting new modules are digital-based. It’s a best of both worlds scenario in my view.

    3. All of the modular synth owners I know are pragmatic when it comes to the analog/digital debate, and use the modules that sound good and do what they want.

      Even the people that I know with 5U systems have rigs full of digital modules, because the digital modules complement the capabilities of traditional analog designs.

      Mutable Instruments and Audio Damage have two of most popular Euro lines, for example, and their lines are full of analog-controlled digital modules that sound very good.

      I would not want to have a modular system without some digital VCOs, like the Mutable Instruments Braids or one of Synth Tech’s; digital modules for things like logic and gate sequencing; and effects, esp delay and reverb. These are all functions where digital modules really expand your capabilities.

      Digital audio software is not a replacement for digital modules – that’s an over-simplification of what digital modules do and also assuming an artificial separation between how people use analog and digital modules in a modular synth.

      The best digital modules are intelligent combinations of analog and digital electronics, which can give you best-of-both-world capabilities not possible in software. And when you’re working with a modern modular synth, you’re not thinking “Now it’s time to go from analog to digital!”, you just view your modules based on what they can do.

    4. Are you the developer of ‘Zed Synth is a totally original hybrid synthesizer & effect for iPhone and iPad”, which your user name links to?

      If so, how are you an ‘analogue purist’? It seems a bit like you’re either trolling or trying to trash alternate solutions to your software.

  2. AFAIK this is their Pico version of the Black series Wavetable VCO. Both sound really good to my ears, and I’m glad to see simple, good sounding digital waveforms are an affordable option again. So many of the early digital beasts still sound amazing, and to have that option in Eurocrack is just awesome.

    Also, all the Erica Synth stuff sounds amazeballs.

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