Samplemodeling Intros Cello Virtual Instrument

the-cello-virtual-instrumentSamplemodeling has introduced The Cello, a new virtual instrument that they say captures ‘virtually all the elements contributing to the sound of the real instrument ‘

Bow speed, pressure, direction and distance from the bridge are under player’s control. One can also control the resonance of the played string, that of the open strings, the amount of rosin and bow noise, the sharpness of the attack, the bow lift (on the string vs. off the string) on both attack and release, the preferred finger position, and many other parameters. Each parameter can be assigned to any MIDI CC, allowing real time control.


Pricing and Availability

The Cello is available now for 129 EUR + (+ VAT if applicable). Existing Samplemodeling customers are entitled to a time-limited 10% discount. See the site for details and audio demos.

2 thoughts on “Samplemodeling Intros Cello Virtual Instrument

  1. I listened to the demo audio and it is amazing. Even if you don’t want or need a fake cello, you should hear this. It is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a virtual instrument in terms of musicality and expression. Just click on the demos tab.

  2. As a cello player, I wasn’t that impressed. But it’s certainly cheaper than the real thing, and probably would do well as a backing instrument.

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