Korg Gadget Update Adds Classic Video Game Sound Synthesizer

Korg and BANDAI NAMCO Studios have announced an update to Korg Gadget, that introduces a new synth engine, Kamata, inspired by the classic video game sounds of the 80s

The new version 2.5 adds the synthesizer Kamata, which features a reconstructed “Waveform Memory Sound Generator”, the sound engine that produced so many legendary game sounds in the eighties. 

In addition, Gadget has added two more gadgets:

  • Gladstone, which offers genuine drum sounds; and
  • Madrid, featuring acoustic bass, electric bass and 6 different amps for creating dynamic bass sounds.

Gadget 2.5 also features 8 new effects.

Here are the new audio demos:

Pricing and Availability

Korg Gadget is available now for US $19.99 in the App Store. The app comes with a collection of software ‘gadgets’, and additional ones are available as in-app purchases.

8 thoughts on “Korg Gadget Update Adds Classic Video Game Sound Synthesizer

    1. yeh know I have been avoiding getting an ipad and at some point will have to break down and do it because people are just not porting, which I am not happy about.

  1. I just wonder what happen to the song download button

    ise to able to download a song to try your own remixing

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