Live Performance By Cuckoo + Alida, ‘The One You Know’

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance of The One You Know, by synthesist Cuckoo & vocalist Alida.

Here’s what he has to say about the collaboration:

Today I met up with Alida for a collaboration in my studio! And we made this song together, and performed it in the end of the day. What a great day!

Alida is an amazing song writer, with a fantastic voice. Working with her was incredible. We were working side by side, almost on our own, but constantly paying attention to oneanother. In the end we made this song.

Here are the gear details, along with Cuckoo’s comments:

Analog Rytm: all the rhythm and bass.…

Analog Keys: solo…

Continuum Fingerboard: string like pads

K-Mix: Audio interface, effect send, aux return, mixer.…

Boss FV30L: Volume pedal for Alida to send vocals into the delay box.…

Strymon DIG: delay box, for Alida’s vocals in the chorus.

Strymon BLUE SKY: reverb box, for Alida’s vocals.

Sennheiser e935: microphone for Alida’s vocals.…

Art Tube MP Studio v3: Mic preamp with lush presets, for Alida’s vocals.…

Logic Pro X: Apple’s pretty low cost, and capable DAW..

10 thoughts on “Live Performance By Cuckoo + Alida, ‘The One You Know’

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  2. What a great song and performance!
    If anything, Cuckoo needs to be careful not to upstage the singer with his entrancing dancing.
    It’s Cuckoo’s world; we only live in it.

  3. It’s great. I love that solo sound he’s using and her voice (irish?). She reminds me so much of an actress I’ve seen in movies but I can’t quite put my finger on who it is.

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