How To Make A Cheap MIDI Activity Light

Jesse Rutherford of Bent-Tronics shared this video tutorial on how to make a cheap MIDI activity light.

This is a down and dirty project to build a MIDI LED cable that lets you see when your device is sending a MIDI signal.

All it takes is a cheap MIDI cable, an LED, a 220 Ohm resistor, some basic synth DIY tools and about 10 minutes.

Schematics are available at the Bent-Tronics site.

6 thoughts on “How To Make A Cheap MIDI Activity Light

  1. Kinda makes me want to buy him a $20 heat gun so he can put his lighter back by the grill.

    T’would be cool (and tons easier) if you can just plug the LED right into the pin 2nd & 4th holes. Have you tried it, David B? EDIT: OH! I see you have!! (Just watched YOUR vid!)

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