What’s Elektron Got Coming?

Swedish instrument maker Elektron released a new video today, teasing an as-yet unannounced product.

Elektron has not announced any details on the new product yet, but were were able to check it out at the 2016 Summer NAMM Show.

Here’s what we can tell you now:

  • Elektron recently announced that they are discontinuing the their digital drum machine/sampler Machinedrum and the digital synthesizer Monomachine. As they suggested previously, the new product has nothing to do with the discontinuation of those devices.
  • They’re doing a new hardware product that complements their existing line-up.
  • Elektron’s new product is going to get the company some new customers.

Other than that, we can say no more. We were sworn to secrecy by a guy in a kilt.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on what you think Elektron is introducing in the comments!

75 thoughts on “What’s Elektron Got Coming?

    1. Yeah looks like a sampling/beat boxing kind of tool. Which I’m looking for.. If it has the right interface/looping control etc

    2. So, this ended up being a sample pack, right? That’s why we never heard anything more about this? Just to clarify. I want to calibrate my hype attenuator for when they start putting out the teaser videos for elektron brand MIDI cables.

    1. That seems like a good guess to me! A stereo, multi-effects unit with a step sequencer, P locks and midi/CV sync would definitely appeal to bigger market. There’s been an increase in midi compatible effects pedals being released, and the ability to sequence and control them from an elektron box would be fantastic. If that’s the case I pray they upgrade the LCD screen.

  1. I think Sumguy is right, based on the vid, it seems like an effect box might be hinted at.

    I got one of those Elecktron USB hubs and has given me 100% perfect service thus far. I did have to find a proper power supply, but that wasn’t too difficult.

  2. I’m guessing “some new customers” means either a low cost product (minibrute price range), eurorack, or effects box/pedal.

    1. Why on earth would they make a Eurorack module? For each module that Make Noise has sold, Elektron has probably sold 10x as much. Besides, the modular technoprimitives can’t handle anything with menus or presets, and what passes for a power supply in Eurorack land precludes the possibility of Elektron-level professionalism.

  3. That reminds me, no one seems to be making grimy drone beatbox music out there. Well, this product will do exactly that.

  4. I bet you its going to be an affordable device. Something simple, analog, and hits a 499.99 price point. That would be the next intelligent move for a company like this. FYI, i have Shark Tank on in the background:)

  5. new customers = live musicians
    new product = effects pedal? mixer? mic/pre with a “digital mind and analog soul”?

  6. interface that tracks acoustic inputs and outputs a signal for controlling elektron gear. Or , if we are all so lucky, it outputs midi or/and cv, and is not brand exclusive.

    All the clues seem to be there …

  7. Interesting, as always from Elektron. I’m intrigued by the ‘Elektron’s new product is going to get the company some new customers’ point. This implies something very affordable and / or very different but that also ‘compliments their existing line up’. An affordable video sampler & visual effects processor / mixer!!!! ………. I have no idea to be honest! :-/

    1. If this bores you once every now and then when they release, you must really dislike how were constantly sold shit we don’t need everywhere we look, even on this very page…. At least elektron make an artistic effort, interesting to some, rather than none…. I prefer this method over watching Dave Smith telling me it’s “the best thing he’s ever created” for eg. As long as they don’t wait too long to drop the mustard…. Tho I’m not in any rush for gas.

      But yeah. No shit Sherlock …. They want you to buy there next piece !!

      1. “I prefer this method over watching Dave Smith telling me it’s “the best thing he’s ever created” ”

        Hey, less sexy but at least his products ARE great.

      2. Dave Smith… and with a big bottle of alcohol in the background. So cheesy! Only product of his that I’d consider is the one with the Oberheim logo on it.

  8. It’s could be workstation-like machine that can convert external sounds into synth lines, drum beats, etc (the drum beat is mirrored by the body percussionist) and can also process them with effects, and sequence them… I am almost sure it has something to do with sampling and/or live processing. It could even be a portable multitrack recording device to provide an alternative to DAWs.

  9. lets see what we have here..

    1. instrument that requires both hands (violin)
    2. beatbox guy using both his hands
    4. filter and bit reduction/ grain sweeps
    3. someone metaphorically “putting their foot down” in the car

    sooo I’m going for effects that can apply a range of effects on a wah style pedal….if I’m right do I get a prize Elektron?

  10. If it’s a mixer, wonder how many inputs we’ll be limited? Or if it’ll support passing multiple audio individual tracks via USB. That would be awesome.

    1. “behold the field in which i plant my given fucks:”

      But… but this very post is a visible, tangible fuck that you are giving!

  11. from watching that video, i think its something useful for those tracksuit-wearing doods featuring so heavily in a supposed “pro equipment” clip…lemme guess, a new surfboard, or even better maybe a job?

    a clip as vague as my ex-girlfriend

    1. It is. They are teaming up with Nintendo to make a Power Glove MKII. It will be able to control visuals on the new Nintendo NX via an Elektron app that you can buy in the Virtual Console store. ; )

  12. The video tells us what it is:
    A sampler with fx processing including pitch shifter.
    im going to guess that this will be their first affordable unit, maybe in the $500 area. They have been successful so it would seem logical thAt they want to enter into a new market. Will probably have their sequencer but with less features than their other hardware. Like maybe a less featured octatrack. I would guess its not just an fx processor as that would not be very interesting. Elektron is more clever than that.

    1. Why is $500 the threshold of affordable? Some people make $500 an hour. Elektron gear is already very affordable for what it provides. $1K dropped on a Eurorack system will get you the case and maybe a Doepfer multiple.

  13. One more time for anybody who didn’t pay attention:

    It is, an
    interface that tracks acoustic inputs and outputs a signal for controlling elektron gear. Or , if we are all so lucky, it outputs midi or/and cv, and is not brand exclusive.

    its at the very least a pitch and rythm tracker- that way you play your violin/body/drumkit/sax/voice, etc, as a controller for elektron devices.

    1. we know it’s not brand specific (at least not too much) as elektron has said it’s for non-existing customers

      1. Passengers can parameter lock micro climates to suit their needs. Separate headphone outs for each seat. Usb seatbelt for overbridge use.

    1. the day they release a standalone sequencer will be the day i sell my md and a4 which i keep mainly for the purpose of sequencing.

      some kind of beatstep pro based on an elektron-style seq without pads please.

      24 gate and 48 cv outs please

  14. Is it gonna be a looper?…like a KP3 killer type thing?
    That’s my guess….mark it Dude.

    That would be sweet but I just bought a second RC-505.

  15. One person guessed it would be a VJ video type device given the funky video graphics.

    Would kind of make sense given the live-performance direction their gear takes.

    Dunno though.

  16. Owning a OT, RYTM, and MNM, I love these guys. That being said, an effects unit aimed at guitarists will be interesting. Certainly o shortage of competition. Then again, it’s Elektron so whatever they do it will be unique enough and embraced – even if it isn’t by traditional musicians it’s aiming to capture.

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