Waves & Infected Mushroom Introduce ‘Pusher’ Multiband Sonic Enhancer

infected-mushroom-pusherWaves and psytrance duo Infected Mushroom have announced Pusher, a multiband sonic enhancer and limiter/clipper.

According to Waves, Pusher delivers Infected Mushroom’s “secret mixing sauce.”

Pusher is designed to be used on individual sounds, on busses/groups, or for mastering:

  • Low – Enhance low frequencies and choose where the processing begins. based on note or frequency. According to Waves, this is useful for gettings kicks and bass instruments to drive through the mix.
  • Body, High – Enhance the mid and high frequencies.
  • Magic – Excite and boost the dynamics of all frequencies at once. Good for use on drum groups or full mixes.
  • Stereo Image – Widen the stereo image of higher frequencies.
  • Push – Maximize by clipping or limiting.

Here’s the official intro video:


  • Infected Mushroom’s “secret mixing sauce” in a single plugin
  • All-in-one multiband sonic enhancer
  • Includes clipper/limiter
  • Use wth instruments, busses and full mixes, and for preparing your music for live venues
  • Can be used for mixing and mastering in all genres

Pusher is available now for US $29 USD (regularly $49).

14 thoughts on “Waves & Infected Mushroom Introduce ‘Pusher’ Multiband Sonic Enhancer

  1. Why? Have you already tested it?
    It is a little strange to read responses like these from people seem to have only been judging the quality from a teaser video. Test it for yourself and see what it does. For the currently reduced price of 29$, this plugin is a bargain and does a great job.

    1. Every time I read the comment section, I understand why I read them just a few time in a year. Just ignorant people without judgment posting comment without knowing what they talking about. They will reply to you with sarcasm, but we know they just full of ….

  2. my condolences to all the professional mixing/mastering engineers put out of a job by Infected Mushroom and their “Magic” knob

  3. I agree with Tom, there’s not enough in that vid to pass judgement on the plugin AND his point that $29 is a reasonable price for a WAVES plugin with several multiband processes going on under the hood. I expect it will sound very good. I think the worst case scenario is just that it won’t be that different from some other combinations of plugins. I think at best it will work as described and for some be a turnkey multi-band dynamics for the temporary mastering tasks they describe.

    I have WaveArts MultiDynamics plugin and it has been useful for so many things, but does require a bit of practice and manual reading to get the most out of it. This seems less versatile, more turn-key. Oh, and less expensive.

    1. 🙂 … all I can say is that I own this plugin and really like it. Of course, everything is subjective (and certainly also a question of which music one makes). This is why probably doing a “self-test” is the best way to find out.

  4. if you watch the video, they tell you the true purpose of the plugin – to very quickly get an unfinished track mix to a point where its playable in a club environment so they can see how it would sound… doesnt seem to be intended for in-depth mastering, just a quick “slam it” type job

    if you need something like that, here it is – theres a demo, i tried it and honestly its pretty good for that kind of thing… i dont want to spend days mastering something for the web but i also dont want to just throw up a rough mix either

    i totally agree with their perspective – i hate mastering too… mastering dance music is a pain in the ass FOR REAL

  5. I tried it, and honestly I like it!
    For 29$ it’s a good plug-in.
    I think It’s a combination of transient master, compression, vitamin (harmonic enhancer). For the bass section I don’t know if it uses the same technology of Reinassence Bass and MaxxBass. I still prefer to use RBass. In the end it’s a good “sub-group mastering” channel plug-in.
    The magic knob it’s the compression/transient/harmonic enhancer knob. Calling it Magic is hilarious but how can you really explain what it does?

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