Wave Alchemy Releases Spectrum for Kontakt 5

Wave_Alchemy_Spectrum_screencapWave Alchemy recently announced the release of Spectrum, a virtual synthesizer for Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5.

Wave Alchemy developers’ goal with Spectrum was to bring together “the iconic sounds of the most sought-after analog and digital synths in existence,” giving users the flexibility to layer, blend and transform patches, tones and timbres into evolving sounds, “revolutioniz[ing] the timeless sounds of yesteryear.”

wave_alchemy_spectrum_fx_pageThe “heart” of Spectrum consists of a broad collection of synth patches which have been “lovingly designed from the ground up” using an impressive collection of iconic analog and digital synthesizers:  Moog Minimoog Model D, Roland Juno-60, Roland Juno-106, Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-20, Roland JX8P, Moog Source, Roland Saturn 09, Roland SH-09, Moog MG-01, Korg Minikorg, Korg Poly-800, Future Retro XS and Yamaha DX5.

Four oscillators are loaded with 175 “characterful” multi-sampled ‘waveforms’, which can be layered simultaneously and “transformed into oblivion” with Spectrum’s editing and processing parameters.

The virtual instrument boasts analog-modelled effects, filters, envelopes, LFO’s and waveform editing parameters, along with an on-board step sequencer and more.  A huge ‘spectrum’ of sounds are included with this synth; from “characterful analog bass and leads to complex evolving pads, expressive chords, twisted analog sequences and everything in between.”

wave_alchemy_spectrum_sequencer_pageWave Alchemy Spectrum Features Include:

  • 175 unique patches designed on a collection of Vintage Analog and Early Digital hardware synthesizers
  • Over 250 uniquely designed custom presets in Kontakt Snapshot format with support for Maschine 2 and Komplete Kontrol Keyboards
  • Blend and creatively layer up to four unique patches simultaneously for authentic vintage character or powerful modern sounds
  • 9969 carefully recorded samples at 96KHz – Over 20GB in size (12GB Compressed)
  • HD analog – All samples have been carefully looped and edited with advanced noise removal to greatly increase the dynamic range many times over the original synths
  • Single Instrument Design – Unlike most Kontakt-based instruments, the entire instrument and all of its features can be loaded within a single .nki. There is no need to load and save multiple instruments while browsing presets
  • True analog samples recreate the sound and character of Analog Synthesis beyond what is possible with purely digital synthesis
  • Stunning visuals recreate the look and feel of working with vintage hardware synths
  • Dice Mode – a unique feature allowing you to automatically create new and inspiring sounds instantly, in a single click, with hundreds of millions of unique combinations…
  • Deeply scripted parameters allow for intuitive and powerful control to sculpt the sound of the original patches into new, organic and complex unique sounds
  • Internal Chord memorizer (along with presets), including easy and advanced modes for creating powerful chords and stacked sounds
  • Internal 32-step, 9 lane sequencer allowing you to sequence note, pitch, length, LFOs velocity, and all filter parameters independently
  • Internal Channel strip effect allows for quick and easy processing of sounds for a punchy and modern sound
  • Internal Effects system allows for routing of Chorus / Flanger, Delay and Reverb to external busses for mix down
  • Voice playback allows for mono, legato and variable polyphonic voices up to 64 voices
  • Advanced options allow preset loading with the ability to globally disable internal effects for advanced mixing in a host DAW
  • Full integration with NI Maschine and Komplete Kontrol. Every parameter of Spectrum is mapped to physical controls of the hardware

Pricing and Availability. Wave Alchemy’s Spectrum virtual instrument is available now via the company’s website. A free demo version of Spectrum is available as well. Normally priced at £59.95, Spectrum is on sale at an introductory price of £50.96 until July 14, 2016.


2 thoughts on “Wave Alchemy Releases Spectrum for Kontakt 5

  1. That’s a very informative video. Shows the programming functions very thoroughly, but not many examples of the included content. Looks quite good for getting stacked analog kinds of sounds as well as tons of vintage tones.

    When the video got to the sequencer page, it was once again disappointing to see yet another sequencer leave out triplets as a beat division or rate. It is starting to look like an entire generation of music makers are going to forget that beats can be divided into three. Grrrr. Moreover, I believe we could easily grow to enjoy quintuplets if we just got them in our ears more.

    The chord functions are pretty cool.

    The price seems reasonable for what is offered, and the UI is pretty straight-forward. Apart from the lack of triplets, it’s hard to find fault with a rig like that.

  2. Wave Alchemy has been good in past to offer some nice free drum packs.

    The free version of Spectrum is cool.. but I’m interested to hear it with 4 waveforms.

    Probably gonna pick it up. I prefer hardware, but when its software, I prefer rompler. 🙂

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