inMusic Buying Rane Corporation

rane-corporationDJ equipment maker Rane Corporation has announced that the company is being sold to inMusic and that company co-founders Linda Arink and Dennis Bohn plan to retire once the transaction is completed later this summer.

inMusic CEO Jack O’Donnell calls Rane a ‘great addition to inMusic’, adding “Rane is a dynamic, esteemed audio brand.”

“This is the perfect new home for our company,” said Arink in the announcement, “one that will embrace the legacy of our products and grow our business to its maximum potential.”

Founded in 1981, Rane has established itself as a leading supplier of DJ mixers, amplifiers, equalizers, networking products and crossovers.

7 thoughts on “inMusic Buying Rane Corporation

  1. This is not good O’donnell will diminsh the reputation and quality of Rane. I have two SM62 mixers as a parallel effects mixer for my guitar signal and they are solid products. It will be sad to see how he will destroy the Rane name. Lets not forget what he has done to Alesis, Akai, and Roger Linn.

    Jack is a bastard!

  2. And now Rane will stop selling all of there standalone mixers to focus on new and exciting laptop audio interfaces!*gags*

  3. I hope this will make some of the other brands better and not make Range worse. Akai and Rane sounds pretty cool together.

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