Swar Studio, A DAW For Indian Music, Gets Major Update


Swar Systems has introduced Swar Studio 3, a major update to its Mac & Windows DAW for making Indian music

Swar Studio 3 features 41 virtual instruments, 17 of which are Indian ones:

Accordion, Bansuri, Bass, Bells, Brass Section, Brightness, Cello, Chimta, Choir Aahs, Clean Guitar, Dhol, Dholak, Drums, Duff, Duggis, Dulcimer, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Ghatam, Guitar, Gunghroo, Harmonium, Lead Synth,Manjeera, Piano, Santoor, Sarod, Saxophone, Sitar, Slap Bass, Slow Strings, Strings Ensemble, Synth Pad, Tabla, Tambourines, Tanpura, Trumpet, Tumbi, Vibraphone, Violin, Whistle

Here’s the official intro video:


  • Fully featured DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • Audio tracks for recording or dragging audio loops
  • Instrument tracks for recording from keyboard or dragging MIDI loops
  • Aux tracks for grouping output channels and reduce processing
  • Input, Output and Sends (32 buses) on each track
  • Fades: In, Out and Cross-Fades
  • Modulable gain curve across loops
  • 41 built-in virtual instruments*
  • Accepts custom VSTi/Audio Units synths
  • Library panel with hundreds of included MIDI loops
  • VST and Audio Unit effects
  • Piano Roll and Events List editors for MIDI loops
  • Quantization
  • Mixer view
  • Drag loops directly from SwarShala or Swar Librarian
  • Export to audio or MIDI files
  • Karaoke panels to view/create lyrics in different notations, including Indian scripts
  • Auto Backup/Restore functionality
  • Full Undo/Redo
  • Windows (XP up to Windows 10) and Mac OS X (10.6 up to 10.11)

Swar Studio 3 is available now for US $99.

2 thoughts on “Swar Studio, A DAW For Indian Music, Gets Major Update

  1. It is interesting (and valuable) to read about software designed to create music of a specific “non-western” tradition. I’m curious to know what kinds of things (besides instrument sounds) are different in the software.

    Since Indian music often has very different kinds of rhythmic structures, melodic scales, and ornaments, I wonder how this DAW accommodates those differences.

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