Faderfox Intros UC44 Fader Box MIDI Controller Suitcase

Faderfox has introduced the UC44 Fader Box – a suitcase-style universal MIDI controller.

The controller has 8 push-encoders, each with a 2-digit-display, 16 faders (60mm) and 35 buttons.  The encoders (with detents) are switchable to 32 groups, which allows it to control a total amount of 512 control parameters.

Various kinds of midi commands like program change, pitchbend, aftertouch and control change in relative and absolute mode with different acceleration amounts and min/max values are possible. All these properties are fully programmable on the device.


  • Universal controller for all kinds of midi controllable hard- and software
  • Control surface script for Live 8/9 is shipped with the controller
  • USB interface with bus powering
  • class compliant / no driver necessary (consumption < 300mA)
  • MIDI in and out ports with routing and merge functionality
  • 8 push encoders with detents (resolution about 30 pulses)
  • Encoder push buttons can send commands (fully programmable)
  • 32 buttons with LED for switchable parameters
  • 8 x 2-digit-display to show encoder values and programming data
  • 14 bit high resolution encoder mode for sensitive parameters
  • Programmable value ranges with min/max values
  • Data feedback for encoders and faders avoid value jumps
  • All controls (incl. push buttons) fully programmable in the device by channel, type, number, mode
  • Different command types like control change (CC), pitch bend, aftertouch, program change,notes
  • Advanced programming functions like copy, paste and group sets
  • 32 independent groups for encoders
  • 2 independent groups for faders/buttons
  • About 608 commands per setup
  • 8 setups with backup/restore function contain all controller settings
  • Upgradable firmware by simple Sysex-dump
  • Compact and solid design in a silver metal casing (size 290x220x55 mm, weight 1.6 kg)

Pricing and Availability:

The UC44 Fader Box is available now for 503 Euro (excluding VAT).

6 thoughts on “Faderfox Intros UC44 Fader Box MIDI Controller Suitcase

  1. nice return to a retro design
    it can be tough finding a case for modules you want to make portable

    although the ones we have in the past probably are not carried around at all (ivcs3)

  2. Looks great! I’ve had a BCR2000 on my wish list for a while. Alternatively, I’m thinking of making something (I’ve already got the MIDI CPU). But this does tick ALL the boxes. Not cheap, but inspires much more confidence than the Behringer. Would have liked to see a photo of the rear of the chassis.

    It says the push encoders have a “resolution about 30 pulses”. Can someone explain what that means?

  3. “8 push encoders with detents”
    – does that mean a single centre detent or ‘stepped’ all the way round ?
    I prefer smooth feel rotation.

  4. Have two Behringers BCF B-Control Fader BCF2000 side by side. I do not see what the Faderfox Intros UC44 might offer. I have used daws for ages and just don’t see the value to add. Any thoughts?

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