Mystic Circuits Spectra Mirror (Sneak Preview)

Mystic Circuits shared this sneak preview of their upcoming Spectra Mirror – a resonant down-sampler, tailored for use as a low pass gate.

Incoming audio can be completely attenuated or passed through unaffected by modulating the sampling frequency, width of the sampling clock or the on board through-zero VCA.

Each control voltage input can be attenuverted, allowing the user to sculpt response to CV.

The SPECTRA MIRROR is also capable of an effect called “high-pass sampling,” which attenuates signals below the sampling frequency.

Here’s a demo of the Spectra Mirror in action with a cello:

Pricing and Availability

The Spectra Mirror is expected to be available in a few weeks, priced at US $295. See the Mystic Circuits site for details.

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