AI Synthesis Intros DIY Synthesizer Kits Aimed At Beginners


AI Synthesis has introduced two new Eurorack modules, theĀ AI001 Multiple and AI002 Mixer, that they say are designed with synth DIY beginners in mind.

AI Synthesis kits and documentation are aimed at those who have never held a soldering iron.

In addition to providing step by step build instructions, schematics, and circuit explanations, each Build Guide includes a full-build video tutorial, so builders can see every step. The site also includes a guide for getting started in DIY synthesis.

PCBS are professionally manufactured, and all panels are aluminum and designed by Grayscale.

PlannedĀ kits include filters, oscillators, and euclidian sequencers, all with the same painstaking support and resources.

Details on the modules are available at the AI Synthesis site:

The modules are available as fully built modules, full kits, as PCB and Panels, and as PCB only. Pricing ranges from $10-70/module, depending on the format.

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