New Sounds For The Elektron Analog Keys & Analog Four

Elektron-Analog-Four-copy-e1468211156640New Wave Presets has introduced a collection of sounds for the Elektron Analog Keys & Analog Four Analog Foundations. 

Here’s what developer Jesse Thompson has to say about Analog Foundations:

My new project for Elektron Analog Keys/Four would be interesting to those who use them.

It’s called ‘Analog Foundations’ and It’s unique because it’s not a ‘sound set’ but a growing library of sounds that can be purchased individually.

There is nothing like this yet to my knowledge so I believe I’m the first to set up a shop like this for the AK/A4.

You can get more info and preview the sounds at the New Wave Presets site.

One thought on “New Sounds For The Elektron Analog Keys & Analog Four

  1. Although I’ve become more interested in both examining presets and trying to use them musically, I primarily enjoy making my own sounds. Basic sounds (like most of these) are a paradox: they’re more musically useful, flexible, and customizable than complicated patches, but they’re also less educational and closer to something that you could easily make on your own if you know how to program your synth.

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