Mouse On Mars New EP, ‘Lichter’, Features Electroacoustic MIDI Robots

mouse-on-mars-music-robotsMouse On Mars (Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma) have released a preview of their new EP, Lichter, that features music created for electroacoustic MIDI robots.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Lichter is the first piece in a new series of electroacoustic dub compositions by Mouse on Mars.

It is a massive, lurching, up-tempo percussive epic – a long-haul runaway train that keeps switching tracks without ever losing sight of its destination.

Like much of Mouse on Mars’ output, Lichter deftly traverses a varied sonic landscape, encompassing elements of jazz, dub, krautrock juke and psychedelia.

Lichter incorporates trigger robots, built by Sonic Robots’ Moritz Simon Geist. The EP also features Dodo NKishi on percussion.

The basic layers were produced with a feedback software called smrph, and were edited, arranged and used as a foundation for various live and studio improvisations.

The 13min track, Lichter, is a concentration of these various layers. Lichter is also composed for live performance and performed live it employs a custom network of light-bulbs, triggered by data derived from the sounds and pulses of the composition.

You can preview Lichter below:

Lichter is scheduled to be released Sept 2nd on Infinite Greyscale records.

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