Retronyms Releases Wej Music Hub & Hook App

Retronyms have released a new hardware-software product lineup: Wej, a hardware iOS music hub, and iOS app, Hook, combine with the user’s iPhone or iPad to create a Live DJ and mashup workstation.

Retronyms-Hook_iphone6pl-fluxfaderHook is a new music performance, mashup, and DJ app for iPhone and iPad. It lets you arrange and trigger loops on a grid and create  transitions with the Flux Fader — a multi-touch “smart crossfader” that allows the user to make expressive transitions among/between any combination of tracks/cells on the fly.

The Flux Fader includes a two-axis control with 9 riser synths, glitch and gate effects, tempo-synced filter sweeps, an EQ, beat drop, tape stop, and filter drop. Combining all these to make transitions is the heart of playing live with Hook.

Hook also includes a full editor complete with auto transient slicing and waveform editing. Tight integration with AudioCopy makes it easy for the user to drop in their own loops, and favorite sounds from other apps.

Retronyms says “real creative power can be found” in Hook’s integrated sampler. The user can record from mic/line, and from other apps via inter-app audio, and bring in hooks from iTunes and Spotify. The user can change tempo in real time, and keep all their hooks in sync. Hook has a full mixer, many tracks, integrated FX bus, per-cell fx, transpose, time stretching, tuning, timing and trigger settings, and more.

Hook features support for Ableton Link, MIDI Learn, and Inter-App Audio. AudioCopy compatibility allows users to paste sound from hundreds of compatible apps and “take advantage of the massive” Content Store which includes hundreds of Sound Packs from Loopmasters, Retronyms, and more.

Here’s a playlist that Retronyms has created, featuring Hook tutorials and demos:

Retronyms_hook-wejWej is an iOS music hub that combines a non-skid performance base with integrated lightshow and wireless MIDI for up to two controllers — all while keeping the user’s iOS device charged.

Wej’s non-skid base is made of soft-touch silicone. It holds any iPad or iPhone at an angle optimized for the multi-touch gestures called for when making and performing music.

Wej wirelessly connects to iOS via the Apple’s Bluetooth MIDI Protocol. It features two USB MIDI ports, a high speed charging port, and 48 ultra bright RGB LEDs.

Wej makes it possible to connect USB keyboards, drum pads and other class-compliant USB MIDI controllers and create tempo-synced light shows, all while also keeping the user’s iOS device charged.

Wej is compatible with any iOS music app but, according to Retronyms, is designed especially with the Hook app in mind.

Pricing and Availability

Retronyms’ Wej and Hook are available beginning today. Wej retails for $149 US from Retronyms’ webstore. The Hook app for iPhone is free, and the iPad version is $12.99 (£9.99), via the Apple App Store.


11 thoughts on “Retronyms Releases Wej Music Hub & Hook App

  1. So totally lame that they force you to buy 12.99 worth of sample packs to “unlock” running hook in native resolution on iPad. Literally the only differences between the free iPhone app. Was considering buying but not anymore…

  2. The rate of innovation on the iPad is amazing.

    Per the comment above about the Toraiz – $1500 vs $12.99 app. Yes requires an iPad for real playability. But cmon.

    Lol. Wait for the pioneer?

    Anyway – I hope that they set up HW templates for things like Novation launchpad. That would be awesome.

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