Everything You Wanted To Know About The Korg Volca FM Synthesizer

Synthesist Cuckoo shared this in-depth look at the Korg Volca FM synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

Here’s a lengthy tutorial where I’m taking you through the sounds, the sequencer, quick editing, in depth editing, playing it with an external MIDI keyboard, and also editing with a compatible iPad software called Patch Base.

Since FM synthesis by nature is somewhat technical, please be patient and take your time to understand it. Once you grasp the concept, I don’t think it’s “difficult”, but it requires you to keep a lot of information in your head at once. And even though youre getting good with it, it still requires time and precision.

I think it sounds absolutely wonderful. And anything that sounds wonderful is, in my opinion, worth learning.

Pricing and Availability

The Korg Volca FM is available now, with a street price of about US $160. See the Korg site for more info.

6 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted To Know About The Korg Volca FM Synthesizer

  1. 20 euro for the Volca FM unlock, 60 for all editors. Pretty expensive, If they also make a MikroKorg editor I’m sold

  2. What a great video!
    I just don’t see a point for an iPad editor…the Volca series proposal is just to play around with the sliders and knobs to experience new sounds…once you go Plug In, you are kind of going back to software… does it make sense? confusing hey!? hehe

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