Free iPad Groove Sequencer, Skram, Updated With Ableton Link & More

Developer Liine has updated Skram, an iPad groove sequencer, making it a free app and adding Ableton Link support and more.

Here’s what’s new in the updated Skram:

  • New device pack as in-app purchase (free for a limited time)
  • Ableton Link support
  • Inter-App Audio support
  • AudioCopy support
  • More export options for recordings
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • New visual cue when Pitch Sequencer length is zero
  • Help copy tweaks
  • Various bug fixes

Skram is a free download from the App Store.

22 thoughts on “Free iPad Groove Sequencer, Skram, Updated With Ableton Link & More

    1. This was the first iOS app I bought and its really fun for polyrhythmic techno.. I like to hit record and just GO. I’m not thrilled to see it free after paying 5 bucks for it, but I am confused because it’s worth more. I use it that often. Huh I gues that means purchasable add ons are coming soon! I don’t mind it’s not a rip off if it works, it’s fun, and gets good results.

    2. Same thoughts, irresponsible of the developer and all the sites that praised it back at the launch mere months ago and arent even mentioning how early adopters got screwed. I bought it for 5 bucks as the developer said they would add more modules to it, and now it seems they have backtracked and want to offer the app for free and charge for additional modules in the future. I would not have purchased it if i knew this was the case. Also keep in mind this was just a mere few months ago …..

      1. Hey Angry, don’t be so angry, its only 5 bucks – cup of coffee 😉
        I have bought apps that cost $49 – Cubasis, Auria Pro, Gadget, etc; and they constantly drop to half price every couple of months…
        Not complaining though, someone has to feed the developer after all 😉

        1. well the real issue would be is in the future if another app would come out the sales would be allot slower because there would bill a bunch of hold outs who would wait for it to become free. This could be more critical on higher price app, on a low low price one it can be an oh well.
          now as far as being worth it, yes, compared to some others out there
          I just wonder if a bone would be toss to those who did buy it, Developer does not have to do it, it just becomes a perception thing on those who got
          want to see another like this look at artira the DAW program when they brought out the midi version of their program

      2. Hi Angry

        I’m genuinely sorry to hear you are frustrated. The intention isn’t to screw anyone at all. We’re switching to an In App Purchase model. People would be right to assume that the intention is to start charing for In App Purchases rather than the download (as many apps do). The very reason which Riot Pack is currently free (which, for the record, prevents us from making any revenue whatsoever during the post-update period, which is when a lot of downloads happen) is because we promised that early users would get more devices for free and didn’t want to go back on our word.

        Of course, in this case it also means that for an interim period certainly users get the free download AND free content, but there is no simple way for us to only reward early adopters. So we chose to reward everyone instead and forfeit any revenue.

        Changing prices or pricing models without upsetting anybody is next to impossible (we’ve all experienced the frustration of buying something expensive only for it to go on sale shortly after), but we really did to our best to make the transition as fair as possible.

        I hope that at least explains your motivation and makes you feel less cheated. We do hugely appreciate your early support. In the end, though, you did get to play with the app for 4 months ahead of the freebie crowd, and there’s not a lot of things in life you get 4 months of for 5 bucks. There really has been a lot of very hard work put in there too.


        Gareth from Liine

        1. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

          At least you acknowledged that early adopters were promised future devices for free. That was the main reason why i personally put down the 5 bucks, otherwise i would have definitely waited as the app seemed cool but was/is definitely a work in progress when compared to something like korg’s gadget.

          i bought novations blocs wave the same day as skram as they both launched almost at the same time and both looked limted but i felt they had potential. In a short time frame blocs has gotten several updates that makes it seem that it is reaching its potential and makes me feel my early support was worth it.

          Now on the otherhand, you make it free and give ONE “freebie” pack to offset the future devices for free original statement. If this was known beforehand i would have skipped as even now i just view it as novelty rather than must-have.

          But hey, as someone previously pointed out and what you are basically saying but in a nicer way is that 5 bucks is a cup of coffee or nothing these days, we got our moneys worth by playing with it already right?

          It’s really stuff like this that makes people think that software is “worthless” in terms of monetary value and you shouldnt pay a penny for it as you can get it cracked or wait for it to go free etc.

          Just saying.

          On a side note would be great if you could add song mode, or some “pro” daw-like features. Would be nice if you gave a discount or something to early adopters if that ever happens.

    1. Great point 🙂
      It’s the same as buying $1000 iPad and than slapping $5 case on it and still complaining that it was too much 😉

      1. The point is not crying over 5 bucks, its the principal of being penalised as an early adopter.

        Am quite used to getting “deals” when a new app comes out, but this bucks the trend and reverses that by going from paid to free shortly after launch -.-”

        If it was free for a period of time i wouldnt feel that the piss was taken, but it seems to be – unless i have misunderstood – free forever …

        1. but early adopters are usually screwed, that is the way it always is- it just usually doesnt go to free

      2. I don’t know if i will ever buy the 1000 dollar iPad (not when i can get brand new iPad air for 300, which makes me scratch my head and ask why are used iPad more than new ones {same for PS4 as well})

        but what would you feel like if you bought that 1000 dollar iPad and next week it was 600?
        (I bought my first ipad at almost half the price it wa six months earier, 340 compared to 650)

  1. I think this change was probably driven by the way the other multisynth music machines are priced.
    Free for base, extra for the extras
    gadjet LE
    Caustic 3 (free to use on android with no save, also free totally on windows)

    It will be interesting to see what skram looks like in a few more months

  2. I think that the long comment of LiineGarreth is just a bunch of sh**.
    You could easily give us (early adopters) the 4 new instruments for free in a first update and then go ahead few weeks later and turn the app free and make the new 4 instruments an add on by paying for it. This choice would have been much fair to all early adopters and would make you look a more reliable company. Personally I enjoy your app and 5 euros really are nothing compared to what I paid for my iPad, but as everyone else here complaining, I thought I was “investing” my money on a free add ons App not on an entirely something else. And this is bad because next time I’ll think twice on being an early adopter which means that other company like you will get less chance to have their app both by early adopters because this thing you just did as already happened few times with other apps so I’m starting to believe that is just a well disguised marketing strategy. Good luck!

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