Behringer Reveals DeepMind 12 Analog 12-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer


Behringer today released another teaser video for its upcoming analog synth keyboard:

The video also reveals the name of the new Behringer synthesizer – DeepMind 12.

Official specifications are to be announced, but the teaser videos show that the DeepMind 12 will offer:

  • 12 analog voices
  • Full-size keyboard
  • 2 DCO’s per voice
  • Built-in effects section
  • An iPad patch editor

Details on pricing and availability are TBA.

96 thoughts on “Behringer Reveals DeepMind 12 Analog 12-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

    1. I’m a bit concerned there’s menu diving. And that almost looked like FM modulation on the screen, but was maybe just routing of 4 fx.

      They said the effects were all analogue….

      God I hate the name. If I buy it, if it is below $2500AUD, then I’m going to rename mine Daemon or Influx or something…. Name it after my fave sci fi novels!

      1. Im also concerned about menu diving. At least its not mini keys so that makes it worth the price of admission alone. It also better have aftertouch for real players like us! I’ll probably buy one no matter what though. Dont really have much time to play these days but it willl look nice in my full analogue synthesizers collection

  1. Want, want, want. When and how much? Screen is pretty lofi, kind of bigger version of Elektron screens. Major props for iPad editor out at launch.

    1. The iPad is almost certainly just an interface, like their digital mixers. And it appears to be optional, since it has that screen, though I’d love it if some of my other gear also took orders from apps. My guess is that this will have full support on Apple OS, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux, just like the XR series, which is absolutely amazing.

  2. Deep Mind 12? Really? That’s the best they could come up with? Nothing against the synth itself but come on. This synth deserves better than that.

  3. Yeah, waiting on Vol 20 for the price then we’ll all stop watching the other 30 teasers. Anyone want to put down bets for price like the price is right? Closed bid without going over? 1 Dollar!
    But really, im shooting for $899.99.

  4. In my worthless opinion, cosmetically it looks like a mix of all the worst qualities of roland synth. Crappy gray. Crappy v-synth screen. Crappy rubber buttons and jog wheel. Port-a-piano dimensions.

    I get and agree visuals don’t matter nearly as much as the sound, and I think it sounds great. This written, my mind had imagined a much sexier presentation. Teasers are definitely a double-edge sword.

    1. I agree, though I’m definitely more partial to copying the style of 90s Roland gear vs modern Roland. I really don’t like the glossy finger print plastic and green color scheme. Whatever they need to do to keep the sound and price point down is ok by me. Basically my only shot at owning a 12 voice poly analog. Even a 6 voice starts around 2k+ I think at most this synth will be 1200. If not I would just save a bit and grab the new sequential synth.

  5. For how much this synth promises to deliver, I will be concerned about the build quality if it retails less than Β£999.99

    1. I was having this discussion on Facebook. If its too cheap, people will avoid it like the plague. Unless they just found out about Behringer. Anyone in the know is already on the fence.

      1. the new products from behringer/midas are very reliable, i work at a shop and we sold about 1000 interfaces and controllers this year only, nothing came back. everybody praise, and when we test it agains other more expensive interface like focusrite/presonus usb interfaces it beats them to the dust. less noise on preamps, lower latency, much more reliable,

        so if this synth anything like this, it will be a power house!
        i use to hate behringer but now it becomes one of my fav, the adverting is wrong but the new behringer products are pro with no exotic/pricy high-end bullshit.

  6. I think it is smart to have a pretty bare-bones but functional built-in display and then the option of using an iOS device for more extensive edits. The FX and FX routing options seem pretty thoroughly implemented.

    Barring any major problems, this will sell pretty hard, I imagine.

  7. What exactly is powered by Klark Teknik? I thought this was built by Midas. If anything, I’d expect (hope?) the effects to be powered by TC.*

    What’s with the tablet app?

    Behringer, Klark Teknik, Midas, tc electronic, … are all a part of Music Group (

    1. From their FB page:

      > “4 world-class FX engines powered by TC ELECTRONIC & KLARK TEKNIK”

      Calling it “4 engines” builds up hope for multi-timbrality.

  8. I get the feeling there will be lots of menu diving for deep tweaking. The FX section is the last thing I would like to hear. Just turn it off. Sounds good so far.

    1. Yep. Anytime I hear about how the built in effects “really enhance the sound” I start to get a little concerned.

      That said, if it’s got a TC effects processor of any depth built in, that’d be worth bragging about.

  9. The problem with demoing patches with a lot of effects is that it hides the actual sound of a synth. Of course this is just another teaser so maybe the point was to let us know it has built in effects.

    Maybe just release the darn thing already. A lot of us will just wait for the Nick Batt review anyway before deciding πŸ™‚

  10. I said to my wife that I want this. And she realized that I was willing to buy my 1st Zoom recorder (the only proper one they have) and now there might come my 1st Behringer. What’s happening!

  11. can we please grow up and stop complaining about the choices of name.

    Regardless, this thing will be a mighty beast to compare

  12. DeepMind12 reminds me the name of a kind a late 90s tancey project….

    I’m pretty sure that a bluray with all the 120 teasers will be released…

  13. That screen quality screams price will be less than $1000 to me. Hopefully more in the $800 range. I am not a fan of the low-contrast screen and was hoping they’d put an actual analog chorus on here like the old Juno’s, but digital FX have come a long. Sounds good from these endless teasers so far though and that’s what counts in the end.

  14. ok the name is clearly a Douglas Adams reference as one or two others have clearly noticed for those of you who don’t understand you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. What is the Douglas Adams reference? Or is that the joke, the fact that this isn’t a Douglas Adams reference at all?

      Deep Thought was the computer built to find the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

      I just can’t remember there being a “deepmind” in any of the stories.

      1. I thought aliasing was a problem related to digital signals (DSP, sampled waveforms). These are reportedly digitally controlled analog oscilators, should they have aliasing problems?
        Unless these are numerically controlled oscilators which are digital. In that case…

  15. Just a bit more info from Uli over on GearSlutz, including some more feature info.

    Dear all,
    Thank you for the great comments and please allow me to clarify a few matters.
    The DeepMind12 has 4 integrated FX Engines which can we used simultaneously but also synced to the synthesizer itself. Each engine is loaded with more than 30 high-quality FX algorithms from TC Electronic and Klark Teknik. These are true world-class FX, many of which have been derived from TC Electronic’s acclaimed signal processors as well as Midas’ high-end mixing consoles.
    As a world’s first, the DeepMind has built in Wifi and allows for full remote control of nearly all parameters – all through typical tablets.
    While the price has not been confirmed nor any price indication been given to retailers, we like to manage expectations.
    With approx. 4,000 components, the DeepMind12 is one of the most complex synthesizers that has ever been built. Due to its discrete design structure, it has vastly more components than you will likely find in any of the current synthesizers on the market. While it has always been our company philosophy to work on very small margins, we would however never sacrifice component or manufacturing quality nor sell below cost. Like all our products, the DeepMind12 will come with a 3 Year Warranty program. These are truly exciting times and thank you for all your interest and support πŸ™‚

      1. No kidding.

        I used to run a Xerox IGEn color press and the sales people bragged about how it had more components than a WWII submarine.

        I got good at replacing lots of them too….

  16. Bad luck team, after Uli’s Gear slutz note, it going to be up there with the rest of the big boys at Β£1999. Still, they could have the biggest seller in synth history at Β£800.
    This is fun isn’t it?

  17. The direct competitor for this is the DSI prophet 08, right? I mean, DCOs, polyphonic, more than 4 voices, full sized keys, under $2000. Are there any others?

  18. If it’s over $1000, that would be a pricing mistake – Behringer has to be affordable, and build trust in the synth market before they can charge in the over $1000 range.

    1. They really don’t ‘have’ to be anything. If they make a synth of great quality (Midas can you know) that everyone wants and all the reviews (Sonic Synth, SOS etc) say its the best synth ever made (not saying they will, but ‘if’) then they can charge what they like and people will still want it.

      I would say it is more of a competitor to the Prophet 12 than the Prophet 08 and will probably be a bit cheaper than the Prophet 12 as they are being able to incorporate/reuse some existing tech with probably higher production runs (they are a biggher company that DS).

      I guess 1499 USD and I will buy one!

  19. I’m surprised there haven’t been many comments on the physical design, specifically almost all faders and no knobs!

    I think this is a huge design miss on their part. Remember old Roland synths, or even not vintage but still older JP-8000.. who wants to tweak the filter with a fader?? Other settings make more appropriate use of faders, such as envelopes, but I think it’s safe to say the majority preference for commonly tweaked parameters are knobs. Certainly more ergonomic.

    1. Faders rule, because they physically represent the sound setting more clearly than knobs, and you can easily tweak multiple sliders with multiple fingers at the same time.

      1. They are a pain to keep clean though. The old Moog and ARP sliders in particular are a joy to work on.

        I once had an ass clown spill a PBR into my 24 channel mixer at a show…….REDRUM REDRUM.

    1. I think Uli’s comment about managing our expectations indicates it won’t be that inexpensive. As much as we all want you to be correct, and want to mark your words, I think it’s going to be easily twice that.

  20. I think the minimum street price on this will be $1500, more likely $2000. From my experience in pro audio development, the pics, and the description from Mr. Behringer, the COGS on this synth is minimum $360. For a business the size of behringer the ratio of COGS to street price will be 4x minimum and more likely 6x. This gives a range of $1500 to $2000.

    1. “VERY” concerned it’s not modular? Seems a bit overstated. I guess I would be excited for good modular gear that doesn’t come at a boutique price, but there are hundreds of compelling eurorack modules out there, and only TWO 12 voice analog polysynths in the world that I can think of right now. I believe they made the right call.

  21. I’d rather that it be built up to a quality rather than down to a price. The sounds are good, and it has some of the same innovative networking abilities of the Modal products, and a comprehensive FX implementation. I’d be shocked if they could make a 12 voice analog synth for less than two grand.

    1. I think the market has shown that people prefer sub $500 mono synths and groove boxes to $2500 beautifully articulated mono and polysynths. I own and appreciate the Prophet 6, Sub37 and Modal 001, but we need more of this kind of stuff form Behringer, and other companies that are willing to offer more than what is expected for the price. The Monilogue is really impressive for the price, but 4 voices has been done and done. An 8 voice poly would have been loudly cheered, but to offer 12 voices, and a modern display, and discrete technology, and Wifi, etc. etc, that is innovative and exciting. And I will bet the MAP is $1299.

      1. really excited about this. this is what I wanted my Jubo-106 to be: polyphonic with an arpeggiator & sequencer.
        I can’t wait to hear a release date and price.

    2. I think the market has shown that people prefer sub $500 mono synths and groove boxes to $2500 beautifully articulated mono and polysynths. I own and appreciate the Prophet 6, Sub37 and Modal 001, but we need more of this kind of stuff form Behringer, and other companies that are willing to offer more than what is expected for the price. The Minilogue is really impressive for the price, but 4 voices has been done and done. An 8 voice poly would have been loudly cheered, but to offer 12 voices, and a modern display, and discrete technology, and Wifi, etc. etc, that is innovative and exciting. And I will bet the MAP is $1299.

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