Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal With Synthesizer (KARP Odyssey)


Korg shared this video demo for their SDD-3000 delay pedal, showcasing how it works with synthesizers – in this case, a Korg ARP Odyssey:

They note, “The SDD3000 isn’t just for guitars. With it’s amazing selection of ambient and pitch-based effects, SDD can accentuate and the lush sound of your analog synths, and even make them more musical and spatial.”

Pricing and Availability

The SDD-3000 Delay Pedal is available now, with a street price of about $399. See the Korg site for details on it.

If you’ve used the SDD-3000 with synths, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

11 thoughts on “Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal With Synthesizer (KARP Odyssey)

    1. ‘KARP Odyssey’ isn’t something Korg came up with – it’s an unofficial nickname for Korg ARP Odyssey.

  1. Seems like a pretty cool delay pedal with a lot of variation: chorus, flange, reverse, LCR

    Nice to have patches as well.

    A lot of competition in this area but I could see this being well received.

  2. It’s huge. Which I don’t get, especially coming from Korg.
    Delay boxes from Strymon (which aren’t exactly shabby) are much smaller.
    And I read that it doesn’t sync to midi clock, which is insane, especially if it’s now targeted at synths and comes with midi ports.

    1. Sold it for those reasons. Picked up a Boss DD500 instead, which is now my favorite “big box” delay for synths (also own TimeLine and TimeFactor for comparison).

      1. No clock sync is exactly why I didn’t buy it. Everything else as tested was simply stellar. If I figure out a way to work around that using some MIDI CC method that’s not a PITA then I’d be back on board. Otherwise I’m getting really nice results with an FX send from my mixer to the Audio In of an Electribe.

  3. While no MIDI sync is a strange omission for sure, I love the sound of my SDD-3000. I also have an H9, DD-500 and SDE-330. The SDD-3000 stands tall even in the company of that kind of talent. I can get lost for hours playing my Karp Odyssey through the H9 Black Hole reverb and SDD-3000 delay.

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