‘DAWless Jamming’ With Radikal Technologies Synthesizers

Sunday Synth Jam: Synth designer Jörg Schaaf (Radikal Technologies) shared this ‘dawless’ synth jam session, featuring his Radikal synth designs, inluding Spectralis, Accelerator and some Eurorack modules. 

Here’s the original audio from the session:

Here is what Schaaf has to say about the technical details:

That is my first contribution to the dawless jamming facebook group.

I am using the Spectralis 2, an Accelerator, the Strymon Timeline delay and some eurorack modules (RT-451, Crossmodulated oscillators, VCAs and Envelopes).

All the drum and fx sounds in the Spectralis have been sampled from the eurorack system. Before starting my jam I spent a couple of hours in the creation of new kicks, snares, hihats and strange sounds. The Spectralis 2 hybrid synth does all the sequencer and bass sounds.

3 thoughts on “‘DAWless Jamming’ With Radikal Technologies Synthesizers

  1. Outstanding performance! enough to spark my imagination into trying my hand at it….hint…ill have my RT-451 in a couple of days to help propel my journey…Cheers to Jorg!

  2. Really nice track and beautiful looking studio. Love the depth in your sound and really nice reverbs. I am not into daws just midi sequencing. I never used anything other than the comp for midi only data.

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