Native Instruments announces Komplete 11, Komplete 11 Ultimate, and Komplete 11 Select

Native_Instruments_KOMPLETE-11This morning, Native Instruments announced their new generation of Komplete collections, adding new products to Komplete and Komplete Ultimate, and introducing a new “member of the portfolio,” Komplete 11 Select.

Komplete 11 incorporates seven new instruments, including the “highly innovative and brand-new” synthesizer Form, Una Corda, and Reaktor 6 with Reaktor Blocks.

Komplete 11 Ultimate adds 13 new products, including the new orchestral instruments Symphony Essentials and Flesh, in addition to the new additions in Komplete 11.

All Komplete suites are available as downloads or on hard disk or flash drive.

Here’s the official intro video:

Komplete 11 and Komplete 11 Ultimate feature new instruments that “significantly expand the sonic palette” available for users. Both suites now include Form, a brand-new synthesizer.

Using a sample as the primary oscillator, Form (pictured) offers a powerful new paradigm for sound design, to spark a broad array of fresh ideas. Komplete 11 Ultimate also includes Symphony Essentials – five detailed orchestral instruments. Based on the Symphony Series instruments, Symphony Essentials features the same recordings and signature interface with a streamlined set of articulations.

Komplete 11 Select is a new version of the suite that, NI says, “offers a gateway to the professional music production world” of Komplete, with eleven full instruments covering a wide instrument range: synths, pianos, drums, percussion, and effects. Among the instruments included are Massive and Monark, two of Native Instruments’ most widely used synths. Two essential effects, the Replika delay and Solid Bus Compressor, round off the collection. In all, Komplete 11 Select includes over 2,500 sounds with more than 25 GB of instruments and effects.

NI_KOMPLETE-11-SELECT_pack+screenshotsNI’s newly-launched Native Access simplifies the user’s downloading, installing, activating, and updating Native Instruments software. Komplete Kontrol software (included) offers unified browsing, innovative Smart Play features, and allows users to take direct physical control of Komplete instruments from a Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboard or from Maschine.

Komplete 11 offers a comprehensive collection of instruments and effects, including nearly fifty products and more than 13,000 sounds, along with seven new instruments: Form, Reaktor 6, Una Corda, Discorvery Series: India, Replika, Session Guitarist – Strummed Acoustic, and Kinetic Metal.

Komplete 11 Ultimate, the “flagship bundle” for professional producers, composers, and sound designers, features 87 products and over 18,000 sounds, and adds 13 new instruments, including the five Symphony Essentials instruments, Flesh, Emotive Strings, plus all the new products in Komplete 11.

Native_Instruments_KOMPLETE-11-RANGEPricing and Availability.

Komplete 11, Komplete 11 Ultimate, and Komplete 11 Select will be released online and via retailers September 1, 2016. All versions of Komplete 11 can be pre-ordered now from the NI Online Shop.

Komplete 11 costs $599 / 599 €. Komplete 11 Ultimate costs $1199 / 1199 €. Komplete 11 Select costs $199 / 199 €. For owners of previous versions of Komplete, Komplete Ultimate, or Komplete Select, upgrade and update offers are available.

All Komplete 11 suites are available either as downloads or as boxed versions. For an improved installation experience, both Komplete 11 and Komplete 11 Ultimate are now delivered on a hard drive, and Komplete 11 Select is provided on a USB flash drive – boxed versions only.

Additional information is available via the Native Instruments website.

25 thoughts on “Native Instruments announces Komplete 11, Komplete 11 Ultimate, and Komplete 11 Select

    1. Not sure what you’re whinging on about. Even at $600, what you get for Komplete “standard” is astonishingly cheap vs. if you tried to amass a collection of comparable VI’s and sample libraries and effects.

  1. More and more sample libraries. Not many synthesiser upgrades. FM9? Massive update? This is SYNTHtopia and not SAMPLEtopia……..

  2. Its a very weak update, only Reaktor 6 worth upgrading for then a bunch of romplers and new reactor based synth. Skip it, wait for the one with some real product updates.

  3. So… I already have Komplete 10, Replika, Reaktor 6. If I upgrade to the regular 11 they’ll give me 5 new products. Whereas someone who’ll upgrade from Komplete 7 will get 31 for the same price of $199? I wonder why these prices are not reflective of my existing purchases? I’m effectively paying for some of the same products twice that I bought or upgraded outside of Komplete. It feels like they’re double dipping a bit here. It’s kind of like Apple’s Logic Pro X all-in pricing. It wouldn’t take much to have the NI store adjust based on your previous updates and purchases since they have all that data. I still like upgrading as opposed to a subscription model, but I don’t like having to paying twice for things on a smallish upgrade with a big new version number. Not sure if some are also in this same boat.

    1. I feel your pain but when you decided to upgrade/purchase Reaktor you had to know that a new version of Komplete was around the corner. Komplete 10 had been on the market for over a year.

      At a $199 upgrade price I’m not really sure if I’m on board. I want that Reaktor update too but the rest of it just doesn’t draw out my extra $100.

      1. Of course I knew that Komplete 11 was around the corner. I’m just frustrated that they still aren’t making more upgrade incentive for those who have already upgraded to Reaktor 6 and are loyal customers on top of that. If they cut it down to $150 I’d be more inclined to pay. It’s more of a customer service issue to me as some like me have been paying for Traktor (since final scratch 1), Maschine, and Komplete updates. It’s sometimes the little things that sometimes bring me back as a customer.

    2. I must admit, I’m a fan of the “One Price Upgrade”.
      Once you’ve got Komplete…. the upgrade to the current version is the same no matter when you need to do the upgrade. If you don’t feel it’s good value… just wait 12-18 months, and you’ll get more for the same price.

  4. Reaktor with blocks would be the only thing in this which interests me for an upgrade. Gonna stick with my modular, though…

  5. Yeah, I might just get Reaktor 6 upgrade and wait. Not enough of an upgrade. Other sample libraries are interesting but I have so many others.

  6. NI need to start listening to their customers and do something about updates to their synths or produce something new (other than Reakto ensembles and Kontakt libraries). They are simply not going to be able to expect people to keep forking out for more and more libraries which in all honesty will probably see little use, and syths that are becoming somewhat long in the tooth. Their business model seems to be floundering.

  7. they need to innovate more ..plug in /out hardware maschine stand alone untethered / internal cpu /ram ect with build in audio interface .. komplete keyboard with maschine integrated in one , Maschine as DAW…???
    form should be interesting but nothing omnisphere can’t tackle

    1. Why bother investing R&D in a market segment that has been shrinking ever since Komplete became the first “go-to” instrument collection for most studios?
      Roland and Yamaha have abandoned the workstation keyboard. Akai has abandoned the standalone MPC series. Everyone but Tascam and Zoom have abandoned the standalone desktop multitrack recording studio.
      The success of Maschine, Traktor controllers, and now the Kontrol S series shows that integrating software with a controller is the current norm.
      Native have been ahead of the curve for more than 15 years now, and making a standalone device would be backwards.

  8. Im on komplete ultimate but feel a whiff of a ponzi scheme around it.
    As a maschine owner it also bugs me that they are padding the updates with synth freebies. Not a ni fan these days tbh.

  9. Yaaawwwwwwn. Give me some cutting edge Waldorf iPad synths instead. I think I’ll hold on to my komplete 9 ultimate sexy hard drive. 500 gb is it now? ???????????????????????

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