Should Behringer Make This DeepMind 12 Desktop Synthesizer?


Behringer/Music Group founder Uli Behringer shared these design concepts for a DeepMind 12 desktop + rackmount synthesizer.

The design packs the electronics of their upcoming DeepMind 12 keyboard synthesizer into a module that can be used as either a desktop synth (above) or a rackmount module (below):


Here’s the DeepMind 12 desktop module’s backside & connectivity:



Here’s what Uli Behringer has to say about the DepMind 12 desktop/rackmount design:

I like to present you with some of our desktop/rack-mount designs for the DeepMind12 which our designers we have come up with. The unit is designed to accommodate for both desktop and rack-mount usage – hence rack ears would be included.

Just to be clear, we have not yet decided to progress with this design, as your opinion is important to us.

Do you think they should make a desktop/rackmount version of the DeepMind 12? If so, share your thoughts on the design concept in the comments!

215 thoughts on “Should Behringer Make This DeepMind 12 Desktop Synthesizer?

    1. I would buy this maschine, if the price could be better than the qb6. The name alone has me interested, like stated above I don’t need another keyboard, I have that covered, but a rack mount synth in 2016-2017 very interested.

  1. First of all, I am very pleased that they are considering making a desktop version. I’m much more likely to consider this as my space is limited and I have enough keyboards. It’s cool that these teasers keep unveiling more euphoric news!! Let’s hope the price continues that trend.

    I like those designs very much. The rack design would require an extra space or two on top to allow room for the cords and their connectors (if I’m understanding the images)- and perhaps also to allow for proper ventilation.

    If the recess of the lower back of the unit was a little deeper, it might at least allow for right-angle plugs to fit while in the rack and without an extra space on top.

    1. totally agree
      Just love the fact (cough cough) i have a synth module like that I can only put something thin above it so as to clear the cables when it is in a rack

  2. They’d be stupid not to, save some money release a module…if it succeeds release a LE keyboard version.

    The iPad/wifi integration they mentioned should be more then enough crazy interface if it works as well as the xr18/32 mixers do

  3. I think Behringer should make nothing at all, until they can atleast offer some semblance of after sales customer care.

    Over half a dozen unanswered emails to enquire about replacement knobs for one of their most popular/best products (BCR2000), gives me little respect for such an established company.


    1. I had a question about the MOTOR 61 and I got a call in 2 days from the project director of the MOTOR series keyboards. He was VERY well informed and nice, he didn’t rush and answered all of my questions.

  4. Definitely, these will sell really well. I make desktop, euro rack along with the keyboard. And chance of a 76 note or 49 key version, maybe also a 37 minikey mini

  5. I would say yes a rackmount but would be cool, but with the following changes:

    1. Put the audio outs on the far right and the midi in the middle (looking at the back view). It’s a drag to have your audio cables coming out the middle, even more so to have the headphone outputs coming out the middle.

    2. The unit looks very tall. Is there any way to make it thinner? One reason I didn’t buy the latest control surface is because they are too bulky (deep). Do whatever you can to trim any excess depth and height off of the unit without sacrificing a great UI.

    1. Might be worth mentioning why you have specific requests about the location of those jacks. Your locations seem arbitrary to me without a reason why you like them there.

  6. Awesome! Yes, and please add at least a up to 12 part multitimbral mode, there are enough DCOs and that would make it killer and truly legendary. Just my two cents 🙂

    1. I also wonder what the pricing on this synth will be?
      Hard to imagine a 12 voice analog system being cheap? But maybe Behringer can pull it off?

  7. I would recommend adding a USB host port if they plan on doing a module version of the DeepMind12.

    Being able to plug in a modern USB MIDI controller with a single USB cable for power and MIDI transfer would be very nice.

    1. That’s a really good point. I hadn’t thought of that, but the ability to host a class-compliant USB controller would be a big plus.

  8. I much prefer a desktop module and alternatively a good quality 5-octave keyboard version.

    The 4 octave keyboard is too much of a compromise, especially with 12 voices of poly & the ability to create splits.

  9. A desktop/rackmount version would make this an absolute buy as opposed to a “yeah, I’m PROBABLY going to buy this, but maybe after I get…”.

    Please, Uli and rest of the team, make this happen.

  10. Yes please – really great looking, love the wood cheeks. Integrated power 100-240v I hope (no more power bricks), excellent angled design for desktop use. Married to a killer app / plug-in to go deep into this synth would be just amazing to have.


  11. Please, please, please make the module, my flat is crammed with keyboards and this looks like it would be an even more interesting addition to the flock in module form love the idea of a host usb port from illintechnology too 🙂

  12. Desktop units for the win! I really like how compact it is with the stacked rows. I’d buy it in a heart beat.

  13. Definitely yes!!
    For someone who already have some keyboards in his studio save space is an amazing thing. Having such a workhorse without having to carry around big cases or needing a lot of space is something that makes thinking “I really need that!”. If behringer play this “synth thing” right they could finally start to get out of the “beginner” “entry level” “cheap” area. C’mon behringer, let this synth scream!

  14. Yes. I’m really excited about the deep mind 12. But Don’t have space for a full keyboard though(already have a nice controller) and can’t really rationolize a full sized synth. But a desktop unit would be a must buy. especially if it is affordable. Keyboard version, cool/want. Desktop module, need/will buy…

  15. lets me see, lets take a look at 2 companies who just brought some new gear
    roland and yamaha
    yamaha brought out reface and the jokes have been coming ever since , plus request for a module so i can use my own dam keys
    roland has brought out their boutique and aira and with exception of one device all are keyboard optional
    even korg has brought out a keyboardless ms-20

    With many people going smaller in setup less keys would be very nice, plus with a lesser price could get more gear
    Plus some of us are better sequencers than players

  16. With the massive variety of midi controllers and growing ease in interconnecting everything together, it only makes sense now for the default design for a synth to be a desktop or rack mount module.

    Now it’s easy to choose whether your input device of choice is a lovely fatar keyboard or a linnstrument or a goofy kickstarter motion controller.

    Even if your a keyboardist using just one keyboard on stage it’s no big thing to switch to a controller+ module.

  17. Yes 100%. Although I’m intrigued about the Deepmind 12 and I am after a poly, it’s too big for someone who isn’t a keyboard player or has restricted space. I have space for one master keyboard which is my Sub 37, anything else I want in modules/boxes. I was recently looking at the DSI pro 6 or OB 6 module but I think I’ll hold off of this looks likely, especially as the price is likely to be competitive.

    1. You want to use 36+ CV cables to control this, instead of just one MIDI cable?

      that makes absolutely no sense.

  18. Looks great. Only thing I would change is to delete those stupid voice LED’s. It looks DIY and unnecessary. Put them inside the synth where they would actually be useful for calibration and troubleshooting.

    1. First of all, they are not going to REMOVE a feature because it bothers one person– especially when it will prove to be VERY useful to almost everyone else.

      Second of all, it’s a bit late in the game for them to remove those and put them into the screen.

      I don’t get the reference to DIY. Perhaps to YOU they “look” unnecessary. But when you are trying to see how your long releases are affecting your polyphony, this is a very easy way to sort out what you need to fix in your envelopes to get the polyphony that you need. It’s a fantastic feature. Though I wouldn’t have asked for it, nor would I have missed it not being there. The fact that it is there made me think about it, and in an instant, it is useful– and easily ignored as the situation demands.

      It would be VERY reasonable to request a features to simply turn those lights off.

  19. Behringer do it again, this is exaclty what i want i dont need a keyboard and hopefully a desktop makes the price even more competitive

  20. Yes, I would purchase the Desktop version over the full keyboard due to the lack of space and tight budget. I have a very low probability of purchasing the keyboard version due to this reason.
    Plus less moving parts for potential damage.

  21. One last comment regarding this new Synth….. Are you going to implement Midi over Ethernet as well as the high latency when hooking up multiple of devics to a hub USB midi and standard old midi? Be ahead of the curb and do it 🙂

  22. Yes please. It would be nice if connectors could rotate for mounting in rack without needed space above it.

  23. I’m much more likely to buy a module. YES please !!! I have so many controllers, keys, grids, knobs. I want max flexibility and this does it.

  24. Yes, keeping in mind that the direct competitors for this synth are basically Prophet 6 and OB6, both of which offer desktop units. Somebody looking for a desktop module otherwise interested in the DM12, might be swayed to DSI if this isn’t created.
    Personally I’d probably buy the keyboard version, but options are wonderful – especially if I can save 2 or 3 hundred.

    1. I love the 49 and 61 key format and understand why manufacturers would design the main boards to fit rack/desktop as well as the keyboard version. That said, it’s too bad when the desktop version is too compromised UNLESS it is designed to be a complete expander. I can take some minimalised controls if the main keyboard compensates. No disrespect to DSI but the P’08 was brilliant solo with any master controller, while the P’12 module felt marginal unless you were using it in Polychain from the full synth. Basically, it’s a shame to design common boards at the expense of awesome full sized keyboards, but if you can build awesome keyboards and translate the awesomeness to modules then I’m all for it. Alternitively, design cross functional controllers that give you max control over your whole line of modules modules as well as standalone full size synths. Win for those with space and cash as well as those looking for space conservative. I’d love to see more synth lines thought out to like Roland’s Aria. Full features, upgrade limits, collectibility and shrunken down for cost and form factor as needed. This November I urge you to vote NO on planned synth obsolescence, or at least well planned attempts to future-proof all the work that goes into building and learning interfaces and features. Desktop YES. Thanks

  25. Yes desktop or rackversion…but not this soviet submarin design …and no xmess tree like roland …please

  26. Yep, who needs every synth to have a keyboard, most of us experimental, studio in a small room guys have a main keyboard controller and no room for more keys!

    1. If you want it cheap, it won’t have poly AT. We can only hope that the mod matrix will support Poly AT as a control source, and that would be a long-shot, but they surprised pleasantly a few times already.

      If you want poly AT (and I would, too) that is likely going to be the domain of an external controller. But again, if the synth engine can use it to control anything, then it would only be useful for externals.

    2. If there is poly aftertouch there should also be individual panning of voices. That will make it come to life. Otherwise PAT is a bit gimmicky.

      1. “PAT is a bit gimmicky”

        Right now, the only per-note controllers are attack velocity and release velocity. That’s it.

        Release velocity happens at the end of the note, so it’s usefulness is limited to things like release times, or notes triggered on release. Velocity is a single static value. Poly AT is THE only per-note (per-voice) real-time CC. That’s it. Just one. Some synths don’t allow it to control anything. MOST controllers don’t have it.

        When I had a poly AT keyboard, I used it pretty often and really liked being able to tune chords, and have individual notes of the chords behave independently. This makes a synth feel much more organic and complex.

        You can call that a gimmick, but really it is not. It is simply a control source that can be applied to anything. Use your imagination.

    3. There’s already a keyboard version coming out. This rack edition would be based on an already existing keyboard concept.

  27. Rackmount and desktop would both be appreciated! I have a decent controller already so it would be cool to add this to my portable-ish setup

  28. Cool designs. I like both these proposed units as well as a KB model. Personally, I would buy the desktop. Love the jug cord idea but I would have to change that big silver knob for something more Moog filter size and type. Have you thought about a diy kit set version? Pre-made PCB and all the bits and bobs sliders, jacks and case etc. Would be very cool. Please don’t go small like the Roland re-issues that really destroyed the idea of buying one for me.

  29. No. Rack/ desktop hardware synths are a hangover from the 1980s concept of ‘mother keyboard and a load of synth modules in a rack’. Nowadays if people want that they can choose from dozens of really good virtual instruments and run them on a laptop – the market for desktop hardware has been squeezed to the point where it doesn’t make sense to build a new one. A synth with a keyboard is a musical instrument – part of learning to make music with it is developing a feel for how the tactile nature of the keyboard interacts with the sound generation hardware. A synth without a keyboard is just a box of squeaks.

    1. Very good point here. I find that managing several modules with a single keyboard controller creates MIDI complications and a disconnect with each instrument. Call me old school, but I prefer that each, or at least most of my instruments have their own keys.

    2. Having a module version doesn’t make the keyboard one vanish. I have room in my space for more modules, the many in reach of me all still have front panel controls that get used. I have a perfectly good controller keyboard and patching MIDI isn’t “complicated”. What I don’t have, is room for multiple key-beds in the same reach.

      I’ll never understand people who want less options available for others.

      1. I didn’t say I was against Behringer releasing a desktop/rack version, I said I prefer synths with their own keys (and wheels, ribbons, etc). I am not “afraid” of MIDI either: my setup includes extensive patching to share clock, etc. However, having too many modules linked to a master keyboard means, at the very least, that some of them are not at an ideal reach for tweaking knobs or any physical interaction. Also, each instrument has its own feel regarding how the controllers, knobs and keys are situated and interact. IMHO, some of this is lost in a master/modules setup.

    3. im also in this boat. synths without keys are cars without wheels to me. i dont like sequencing, and prefer working in computerland as little as possible. i enjoy being able to plug a synth into an amplifier and have it make sound, be able to jam with other people, and concentrate on the music, harmonic development, etc with as little in the way as possible.

  30. I would love to buy either the keyboard or the desktop version but can you get rid of all those stupid bright lights? They look like crap and make it a pain to use. It looks almost as terrible as the X32.

  31. I thought this was a real synth in the sense you actually have to make it make a noise. It has midi, you can playback your computer.
    Please touch a physical thing.

  32. I’m neutral / not sure yet.

    – BUT whatever version(s) – please provide the sliders / faders with long throw travel, at least 4cm. (ideally 6cm.), to allow for fine control tweaks.
    … The Rolands’ ones are a joke!

  33. Don’t expect them to make major changes in the interface design and hardware layout. I expect that work is long-finished. I get the impression they are only asking specifically about the form-factor of this chassis, but they have been pretty tight-lipped about how far along they are.

    BTW, “Likes” aren’t working for me either.

  34. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. I don’t need more keys. Hell, I was probably going to play the DM12 more with my Launchpad than with the built in keyboard anyway if I got one. A module would practically be an instant purchase for me.

  35. The REAL question is whether or not the DeepMind 12 will support Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE).

    MPE is already well-supported on iOS apps, but hardware tends to lag behind software by a few years.

    If you’ve used it, you’ll know that it’s the future and that all synths need to support it.

    So is the DeepMind 12 going to be a synth for the future – or a synth for the past?

  36. A 12 voice keyboard synth plus a 12 voice desktop module would be awesome. Seeing the desktop module brings out how much this synth reminds me of the Tyrell Nexus N6 softsynth.

  37. I wonder if this feed back is being seen by behringer?

    I wonder if the like button will ever work again?

    I wonder if politics will ever make sense?

  38. I like the idea for the portability problem but I’d lose aftertouch (assuming the keyboard version has it).
    Of course a pedal would do the trick but still….

  39. I can’t even consider this if it isn’t a desktop/rack. Simply no room and this won’t replace anything I have now.

  40. Absolutely yes. Besides this form factor is made to fit 19-inch rack, smaller than the full keyboard version, which is nice.

  41. A great idea, but PLEEEEASE lose the plasticky “master/global” knob, it makes it look like a cheapo controller.

    A synth may be cheap, but it shouldn’t look cheap. A more industrial feel to the design of the DM12 (you should reconsider Deepmind, it seems cheesy, but DM12 sounds great, just look at the classics that are sought after) would be cool, with Moog-style big knobs, or at least a big knob in matte/brushed metal.

    Of course you are cutting corners with mass production, but don’t save where there is more to win, as proper knobs are important for the quality feeling and is actually a point for buying/not buying (if you spend 1K+, you don’t want cheap plastic) much more important than wooden side boards.

    Also include full cv control range, sync, mod and gate in/out, even if it bumps up the price as that will make it interesting for us who combine our synths with modular gear as well.

    In the end I just want to praise Uli Behringer, he obviously got some serious brass balls and this could be the most interesting thing to happen in the synth community in a loooong while.


  42. If offered at a substantially lower cost than a keyboard version, a desktop synth with those capabilities would be a hit. I’d buy one for sure! With a keyboard? Probably not. Potential customers wouldn’t be novice I believe, and most would have a few units in their studios. Space can be an issue…

  43. Desktop? That would be awesome! I would love more physical controls to rely less on a screen (as lcd screens fails after some years and I really want to hold on this synth for many years to come), for example independent controls for three of the envelopes and some modulation routes for the lfos, maybe you can cramp more controls using knobs instead of sliders.

  44. YES< YES<YES! I would be unlikely to buy the keyboard version but would be VERY likely to buy the desktop, especially if it comes in at a price lower the say Moog Mother 32 or Deopher Dark Energy. Please do the desktop!

  45. Rack please…people have so many devices nowadays and the problem is that you cannot really integrate the desktop format…We are often limited on table space..

  46. I will would like to buy this in desktop format. But please lose the fan in the back and make some extra ventilation slots or something. I want to hear the sound from my monitors, not from the fan. Those things tend to get noisy over the years and only collect dust inside the synth. Otherwise I really like the design.

  47. Yes most definitely. I like the looks & sound of this unit but would most likely go for the desktop unit if it looks like this. Amazing too if it was only a grand:) Cant wait!!!!

  48. Do you really think the Deepmind 12 is that hot that it needs ventilation slits and a fan on the back? Then I really think that you should rethink the power management of the unit.
    Otherwise: cool and bold for Behringer to go this route!

    1. Well, putting 12 voices of discrete (don’t forget that, no IC’s here) analog voices into a small unit like that would probably mean it gets a bit warm yes. Nothing strange about that.

      1. Discrete does not mean no ICs. There are lots of discrete ICs and I’m’ sure this is loaded with them.

        All discrete means is that the components and ICs are common off the shelf items, generally, and not a custom chip designed to replace all that circuitry.

  49. …seems like a desktop version would have been better to release at first. now everybody (who is interested in buying the DM12) will probably wait for the desktop version before buying the keyboard version…

  50. Yes, it is space saving and practical.
    Maybe add an audio in to one of the voices, allowing the use of filter (and modulation thereof) and FX to treat/process (and as a unique selling point!).

    Maybe a 4-voice Volca styled mini version?

  51. Module versions are the norm now, and have been since the advent of midi, more so now that many of us are doing it with large table top systems, who wants another keyboard if you can have the module?, so if the price is right I’ll buy the module, the synth sounds nice, and looks promising

  52. Many polysynths have used fans for cooling. The Memorymoog and Elka Synthex for example. However – noisy fans are worrying. All cooling fans become noisy at one point – no matter how good they’re designed. Nowadays we put our computers in separate rooms or resort to water cooling to keep our control rooms silent. Having to put my synth in the computer room will also remove my need of it having a control panel in the first place. If a cooling fan is needed I would suggest a rack version with no control panel at all. This said – I’m eager to try out this synth when it hits the shops.

  53. That would be great ! I don’t need another keyboard. You should add an audio in, if we can use the filter and effects for other audio sources that would be perfect synth for me.
    Also be sure to not have short faders controls, I hate when you can’t be precise or can’t tweak faders easily while playing. By the way I love the faders more than knobs you can do more thing with one hand while playing keys with the other one so good job on that !

  54. yes, yes, yes. i haven’t got enough space for another keyboard. and it makes sense for sales to offer both.

  55. Definitely a desktop/rack version, I cannot even begin to consider buying any more keyboards and this looks like something that I am certainly interested in purchasing. Also, it would make the price point better for the poorest among us.

  56. Yes, please do. It’s always good to have the option of not paying for keys if you don’t need them or don’t have the space.

  57. Yes, I’d like to see a rack mount version. I don’t have room for more keyboards but I will find space for a desktop/rack-mount version… if the price is right.

  58. YES! I am very impressed with the Deepmind12, and with Behringer in general recently, but I am perhaps even more likely to buy a tabletop/rackmount than I am a synth with a keybed because of space constraints. If that knocks another $100 or $300 off the price, then I’ve even more excited and this could turn from a “wanted” to a “needed” piece of gear!

  59. My humble little home studio is completely out of horizontal space, so no matter how cool the DM12 is, owning one won’t be a possibility for me without a rackmount version.

  60. If everybody made a keyboardless version of their products, the world would be a better place.

    And a less cluttered too.

  61. YES and YES and YES again! what am I going to do with 49 notes on a 12 voice polyphonic synth? At least you do not have minikeys.
    So yes, letting us choose a keyboard would be wise. Or you do what Korg and Yamaha do: offer different size keyboards and a rackmount version of the deepmind 12. (asking too much? … then a rackmount would already be perfect).
    thx for asking! very cool.

  62. I first need to hear it. Does it sound better than the best Software Synths? Can it be controlled by a DAW like a Virus or an Analog 4? Then I might consider it, but It will depend on the Sound.

  63. Uli, if you do decide to release it it would be nice to know whether that will happen before the keyboard version is available.
    I bought a OB 6 only to find a few months later a desktop was being made which I would have much preferred.

  64. put a deep elektron-esque multitrack step sequencer on it n have it a 12 track mono / poly and I’d buy it. otherwise it’s not for me personally.

  65. This is pure speculation. No one has mentioned that a desktop will be made. The main synth hasn’t even been released yet.

    Exactly how does everyone think the discrete hardware components in the keys version will fit in this tiny box ? Dream on

  66. FYI your site hasn’t worked on my Android phone for days. “500 internal server error.” It’s fine on a desktop computer, though.

    But in regards to the Deepmind 12, I’d like a keytar version, please.

    1. I have that problem too. My workaround is to close my android browser (Firefox), clear all history and then go back. Personally I prefer the desktop version – even on my phone.

  67. I’d be down for a module version. A lot of companies skimp on keybed quality when they make a synthesizer. I don’t know what this keyboard feels like yet, but a module version is great for those of us that do fly out gigs and would like to bring great analog tone.

    Finally… Does anyone else think the first pic of this module – the one that is looking straight down at the control panel – have a bit of a Yamaha SK-30 vibe to it?

  68. Well since the KB vers is 49 keys, yeah, please make module. And make one anyway for people that prefer their own controller. Some think it’s no controversy but it is. I got a 49 KB recently, really wanted it to be enough for obvious reasons, but it just gets cramped for certain things. And so I just don’t want it. Octave switch is no use when you want the spread. Ok so yes splits is a part of that, but not all.
    61 was the ‘standard’ for decades for good reason. 49 seems like a trend even it if does take over 61 permanently, which I doubt. Keys sized somewhere between micro and full sized seems like a better way to go to save space.

  69. FANTASTIC ! A desktop/rack would be very welcome now that DSI refused to make the P6/OB6 in this form factor. if this Behringer and the Prophet 12 can fit in 19″ really doubt why DSI always says they do not have “the real estate” for a rack. Look at the OB6 Desktop and how spacey it is, Could have been a rack version. My whole setup is 19″ rack based not having any space for keys and it seems I am not alone. Interesting to see how things change. Many people said that racks are out and never will come back. Now many people are begging for them again. Estimating the DM12 keys will be around US$ 1500 and removing keys would make it a US$ 999 or so product. Please consider an internal, 100~240V power supply and please make this SysEx compatible for patch save/load and NRPN for all parameters, then I will buy this in a flash and put theProphet6 or OB6 desktop lower on the shopping list. Add with MPE and add MIDI tuning standard if possible and it would be perfect. Expecting Korg, Roland and Yamaha releasing more analog soon as well DSI said having something new in the pipeline at the end of year. The end of 2016 and 2017 might be a nice return of new products after a silent 2015 and 2016, perhaps the 2nd wave of new analog. Interesting times !

  70. PLEASE PLEASE THIS LOOKS SO GREAT!! I love BEHRINGER !!! I don’t have roooom for another keyboard, thank you for this !!!!

  71. I would buy this instantly. It’s much easier to throw. And i know it will still work after hitting sound engineer’s head 🙂 joke aside i think it would be a great friend with octatrack and other sequencers.

  72. Absolutely. Remember, the closest rack version of the Juno 106 was the knobless MKS-50 so this would satisfy a 30+ year old itch! And I’d buy it the moment it became available!

  73. I would really like a desktop / rackmount version for two reason 1. I have plenty of keyboards in my studio 2. As a touring musician I often ask for midi keyboards in the backline so I would carry the DM 12 more easily as a rackmount. And 3Rd I guess I could spare some € 🙂 go for it behringer!

  74. Why have the headphone jack in the back of a rack? Am I expected the thread the cable through another module, or leave a blank space?

  75. Thousands of comments! Lets put it this way, a lower price desktop module will just increase sales! more people have less space than people who have extra space, Its a no brainer. Save space, get 12 voices, pay less for no keyboard, everybody wins! get deep for cheap!

  76. if they do it, a movable rear panel would be nice. the virus ti and cirklon rear panels can be moved so the cables are on the top, for desktop, and on the bottom for rack mounting without wasting the space above it.

  77. Yes!
    I am more interested in a desktop version: it will be amazing.
    Please, is it possible to renounce the fan?
    Probably it will be useless inside a rack enclosure. My suggestion is to try another way to sink heat.
    No fan, more fun

  78. Bought the x32 when it first came out and have been mightily impressed by the whole package. Came on leaps since my old tube compressor so as have a Roland full midi keys with the integra on board would love to fling this in the pot too. Make it so number 1 🙂

  79. These days every synth i buy with a clavier is extra stuff i don’t need. I use robbon controllers, sequencers and Linstrument. Make future models modular, make the desktop, drop it in a boat with a clavier and a bender sell it with and without like the Roland Boutiques, Too small but I love the form factor.

    The keyboard is what is keeping me from buying a Deepmind right now.

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