Atticus Ross On The Role Of Music And Sound In Film

Moog Music shared this profile of Academy Award-winning composer and synthesist Atticus Ross (“The Social Network”, “Gone Girl”) and his latest score, for the documentary Almost Holy.

Along the way, Ross shares his thoughts on musicianship and on the role of sound and music in film.

Almost Holy tells the story of Gennadiy Mohknenko, a Ukrainian pastor who has taken up the fight against child homelessness by forcibly abducting street kids and bringing them to his private rehabilitation center. Gennadiy’s ongoing efforts and unabashedly tough love approach to his city’s problems has made him a folk hero to some, and a lawless vigilante to others.

Here’s the track Wild Moose, from the Almost Holy soundtrack:

Here’s Punching Bag:

The Almost Holy soundtrack is available in digital form via iTunes and on LP via Sacred Bones Records.

2 thoughts on “Atticus Ross On The Role Of Music And Sound In Film

  1. Seems like he confused Ukraine with Russia, which is kinda ironic. I like his output, but what’s funny – he talks about sound and
    synthesis and music so seriously, and yet he doesn’t know where exactly all those events took place.

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