A Style Guide To House Music & Making A House Track In Ableton Live

This set of videos, via Point Blank, takes a brief look at the history of house music and then digs into production in the house music style.

In the first video, James Wiltshire (F9 Audio, Freemasons) shares his take on the history of house music, and explains why the Roland TR-909 was such an important piece of kit.

In the second video, below, Wiltshire explores some techniques for creating classic house sounds directly in Ableton Live:

6 thoughts on “A Style Guide To House Music & Making A House Track In Ableton Live

  1. As someone who grew as a club kid in Chicago and NYC during this era, it is refreshing to finally watch a video presentation that isn’t made by some ego-driven buffoon regurgitating half-truths about a really inspirational time in my life. This presentation is done so well. What a challenge to sift through such a rich era and cull some of the defining points, and still respect the inspiration of the time. This gentleman is obviously a true fan of the genre, and in my opinion, has done a fabulous job illuminating it’s origins for the newest generation of house producers. All that, and it’s neither pedantic, nor pretentious. Really well done; excellent contribution.

  2. This guy should tech more music education videos. He really knows how to make a subject very interesting, and can provide examples through demonstrations.

  3. super awesome, finally a video watchable by adults, containing information.
    compare to the countless video “specials” by online and print dance magazines where some producer is explaining things in terms of “yeah man i’m just pumpin’ it until it’s bangin’… and that’s all there is to it, really, man, yeah…”

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