Pizza Hut Intros The World’s First Playable DJ Pizza Box

Pizza Hut UK has launched an unusual promotion – it’s introduced the world’s first playable DJ Pizza Box

McDonald’s may have been the first to introduce DJ placemats, but Pizza Hut is upping the ante by printing working DJ controllers on the inside of pizza boxes.

Created in partnership with printable electronics experts, Novalia, the limited edition pizza boxes connect weirelessly, via Bluetooth, to your laptop or smartphone, and let you control standard DJ software.

Select your favourite music and mix them together just by pressing the cardboard controls.Watch Rinse FM DJ, DJ Vectra get one the pizza box 1s and 2s and show how it’s done.

In the second video, below, DJ Vectra explains how to the DJ Pizza Box works.

Of course, the DJ Pizza Box is intended to be a promotion, rather than a serious musical tool. But it raises the question: Why not put printable electronics to more serious musical uses?

Check out the videos and let us know what you think!

25 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Intros The World’s First Playable DJ Pizza Box

  1. Wouldn’t this potentially have grease, cheese, sauce all over it? This just seems ridiculous to me. But, maybe someone would like it?

  2. Cheese in the crust (scratching): wuku wuku wuku wuku wuku

    Or is it sawdust: wuku wuku wuku wuku

    Refined carbs and saturated fats: wuku wuku wuku wuku wuku

    Walk with my pants below my crack: wuku wuku wuku wuku wuku wuku

  3. I want to see some prolific DJ walk up on stage and whip this out in all seriousness.

    That would make not only Pizza Hut, but me personally beam with happiness.

  4. Oh so that’s how it works!

    glad i watched that second video!..

    i do think this is actually pretty cool though – would be fun to print out custom midi controllers besides other things.

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