Free Music Friday: Ngarjuna’s ‘Tetralemma’

tetralemmaFree Music Friday: Ngarjuna has a new album on the way and has decided to make their first album, Tetralemma, available as a free download.

Tetralemma is described as a ‘combination of acid leads, west coast textures, ethnic rhythms and sleazy electro’.

All songs by Mitch Furman, except “Stellatio” by Mitch Furman and Rich Prewett.

Guitars on “Stellatio” by Rich Prewett.

You can preview Tetralemma below or at Bandcamp:

2 thoughts on “Free Music Friday: Ngarjuna’s ‘Tetralemma’

  1. First track is a flashback to the 90s when the thing to do was to make music around a William Burroughs spoken word performance except with silliness taken to the extreme. Humorous but very musical. Second track is more straightforward burbling electronica.
    I’ll preview the rest at Bandcamp and probably donate a few bucks to download it.

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