3 thoughts on “Wiwek & Skrillex – Still In The Cage (Short Film)

  1. I went to the premiere of this. The beginning was pretty cool, but it’s basically just an extended music video. Skrillex and Wiwek both DJ’d in the lobby of the Ace Theatre afterwards. It was pretty nuts. I did like the music and sound in the film.

  2. Most people on you-tube find this great and try to justify this violence because of the so called deeper meaning behind it,. I can’t really understand it. My point of view is that this has no place on Synthopia. Always assumed the site’s purpose was to be educational, inspirational and entertaining . None of the contents falls is any of these categories. Anyone, who likes to looks at getting a gun pointed at an innocent persons head, getting someones brains smashed to death, support this, making money of this (inclusing Skrillex) or supports this must get their brain checked out. Hopefully Synthopia will apologize and remove this post and replace it with something more peaceful and more applicable to music creation or this will be the last time Synthopia shows up in my browser.

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