ETHER Transmitter Adds Wireless Audio To Any Pro Music Gear

Ether Electronics has launched the ETHER Transmitter – a new adapter that transmits audio signals wirelessly from any pro-audio hardware that has a standard headphone jack.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Emit audio signal wirelessly from any pro-audio hardware with the revolutionary ETHER Transmitter. You can now pair any bluetooth audio device ranging from earbuds, headphones, or speakers. Whether you’re in the studio recording vocals, or on stage spinning live – untether yourself with the ETHER Transmitter. Simply pair your bluetooth audio device to the transmitter, plug it in, and enjoy the liberation of a wireless performance! That easy… just Emit & Receive.

The ETHER Transmitter is being produced via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign and is available to backers for US $99.

13 thoughts on “ETHER Transmitter Adds Wireless Audio To Any Pro Music Gear

    1. As a rule I’ve made it a point to be very selective on whom I crowdfund… And tech products are on the shit list. Been burnt on several items that failed to deliver as promised (at launch or forever lacking their promises), not to mention always run 6 months plus late, and start shipping to backers at the same time they can be bought by anyone else for the same price…why I am I backing this again? Why don’t I just wait until it’s released and after every one has decided how good it is, then I can buy it from a reputable store with a legit return policy. By the time some crowd funding campaigns ship there is often a better/cheaper product that does the same thing on the horizon if not already available…a year or more is quite a long time to wait. Many new companies, no matter how successful they crowdfund, prove to be incapable of sustaining themselves after their product ships…a good example of this is the Ouya.


  2. One step forward, nice thinking!
    We all would like to get rid of all those cables (some 100+ meters in my home studio).

    Still, one or more smaller steps from professional use:
    – Bluetooth and Audio (limited distance, what about frequency range, dynamic range and latency, especially in a multi instrument setup)?
    – Where does the power come from? Must be an internal battery.

  3. You cannot achieve reliable wireless audio using bluetooth/AD2P. You need a legit WiFI solution to even entertain the idea and even then there are ‘still’ latency and QoS issues.

  4. If it said wireless audio adapter then Id be interested. Once it labeled itself as “For pro gear” thats where it gets weird. If this was solid technology, unless they have it all patented which I find it hard to believe” so many companies would jump on it. Bluetooth has a weird stigma attached, one for me is black dudes with those dumb ass bluetooth earpieces (I’m black, dont SJW me) and how often the bluetooth in my car sucks ass. I just got a mackie Onyx 1640 and I have every input, send/return cable’d up, so I’d be on this in an instant but it says “Bluetooth” so I’m already seeing the issues.

    One small step for sure but I CANT WAIT for a true alternative to audio cables.

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