HyperSynth Updates Xenophone XEditor to v1.5, Adds OS X Support

XEditorHyperSynth has updated XEditor (Software Editor for Xenophone Synthesizer) to v1.5. It can also now be run under Mac OS X as a standalone application and AU plugin (32/64-bit).

Now every control change on Xenophone will be reflected back to XEditor GUI as well. This makes the hardware and software fully synced and provides better workflow for the user while switching between XEditor or Xenophone for editing parameters. 

XEditor v1.5 Additions & Fixes:

  • Added support for Duophonic mode.
  • Added indicators that show incoming/outgoing MIDI messages separately.
  • Now every control change on Xenophone is reflected on XEditor window (NRPN/CC Back Sync).
  • Now the readouts for “LFO rate”, “ENV paremeters” and “Mod Matrix Depth” match the numbers on the hardware display.
  • Now VST plugin is available in 3 sizes: Zoom=100%, 125%, 150%.
  • Fixed problem of “Seq-Hold Step 12” that did not send NRPN message.
  • Fixed bug that prevented updating of “SEQ-Hold Step13” value via sysex.
  • Fixed minor issue in echo mode, receiving manual dump and filtering MIDI messages
  • Fixed problem that did not allow receiving “prg/bnk change” message via MIDI controller Input.

For accessing all the new features, Xenophone owners must upgrade the hardware to the latest firmware v2.1. It offers several improvements in MIDI section and now it is possible to copy and paste a sequence from one preset to another.

One thought on “HyperSynth Updates Xenophone XEditor to v1.5, Adds OS X Support

  1. just tried it and the Xeditor and using the Xenophone WITH editor is also great.
    but also without. it’s like it leads to different results. Big fun!

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