HerrSchneider On Modern Modular Classics

HerrSchneider (SchneidersLaden, Superbooth) shared this video that offers his take on Analogue Systems, their approach to creating modular synthesizers and why he considers their system a ‘modern modular classic.

He follows this up with musical examples that demonstrate the capabilities of the system. 

Here’s what Schneider has to say about the video:

Nowadays some of the younger potential customers are expecting something like a demo button on their new modulars not willing to learn basic technical skills from adsr down to sample&hold.

Making a patch on a classical modular system (like this one from Analogue Systems) could lead you to classical synth sounds with spherical athmos quite easy, but.. I tried to not follow this, what looks easy with so many modules in front of me. To let you understand what i did, you can find some explanations of the patch at the end of the video, I hope it is not too boring.

Please listen to the sounds with a headphone or speakers, you will hear the quality of the filters, the bass is indeed very simple. The RS-370 is able to do lots more, but this will need an extra video .. hopefully soon.

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