Making An Electronic Music Album (Arcade)

Spanish electronic music band Tentacles has a new album out, Arcade, and they shared this video that details how the album was made.

Tentacles (José Luis Amores Sardá & Javier García Sanchez) describe the tracks on their new album as “Pixelated music that will make you sail the universe of videogames and science fiction.”

Here’s what they have to say about the video:

We detail not only the gear used but also the composition method and the recording process of the synths, samplers, voices, bass and drums.

We heavily use Elektron gear: Octatrack and Analog Keys, but also a little Casio VL-1 in a few tracks.

We also talk about why we use Creative Commons licenses to promote the copy and sharing of our music.

You can preview Arcade below or via their Bandcamp page.

You can find out more about Tentacles via their site.

7 thoughts on “Making An Electronic Music Album (Arcade)

  1. Thanks Synthtopia for sharing!

    We are happy to answer any question you may have.
    Making an electronic album is a lot of work, but It is also a very fun and grateful experience.

  2. Refreshing and fun. The music sounds as different as you would expect fro the production method. Have a look at this and think about what other musicians and non-musicians can add to your own music if you are a bedroom warrior…….!!!

  3. I wish every artist did one of these with each album, I’ve always wanted to do one for you know when I eventually release something.

    Also ysingNASA samples is so clever as they’re public domain.

  4. I felt like I just watched something educational from WHYY on a VHS that was carted out from the A/V room in high school. Super effin cool. I’m downloaded the rest. Bravissimo!

  5. Please remove drums. Just too cluttered too messy with drums.

    Please let instrumentation vocal shine on its own space.

    They have their own rhythm. Drums unrequired to add rhythm. This is a common mistake even amongst legends of electronic music where the music has its own rhythm yet drums are added unnecessarily.

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