Twisted Electrons Octopus Eurorack 8-way Switch

Twisted Electrons shared this video demo of their Octopus dual 8-way multiplexer/switch, which lets you sequence up to 8 signals or potentiometers.

The horizontal axis sets the channel, the vertical axis stores 8 channel positions.

They say that ‘the fun begins when you start sequencing or modulating the channel selector’:

  • Manually by use of the two large potentiometers
  • by overriding the potentiometers with CV (0-5V DC)
  • by moving up and down the vertical axis via Triggers (5v DC pulse)

The inputs are not limited to control voltages. You can also use octopus to switch audio, too.

Pricing and Availability

The Twisted Electrons Octopus is available now for €255.00.

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