JD Sound Intros GoDJ Plus Portable DJ System

Korean audio company JD Sound has introduced GoDJ Plus, an all-in-one mobile DJ system, and is funding production via an IndieGoGo campaign (which has already reached its funding goal).

The system is compact and battery powered, but offers standard DJ system features, including dual channels, sound effects, sample pads, a beat sequencer, recording and more.


  • Body size: 275mm by 200mm by 20mm (trial version*)
  • Weight: 825g (trial version)
  • Audio connectors: RCA output, headphone output, Stereo input, microphone input
  • Interfaces: Micro USB (for charging/PC connect), SD card slot
  • Capacity: 16GB (14GB for music capacity, 1GB for recording, 1GB for the system)
  • Continuously-played time: 12 hours with LCD light on, 24 hours with LCD light off
  • Sound effects: Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Filter, Roll, BitCrusher
  • Visual Equalizer: 3 band (low, middle, high) – adjust EQ by touchscreen, analog or crossfader
  • Sample Pad: One Shot Sample Pad (x 8 ), Loop Sample Pad (x 8) , Drone Sample Pad (x 8), Musical Keyboard (x1) – preset 8 tones , Guitar Pad – preset 5 tones
  • Beat Sequencer: Editable Preset Pattern x 4 (16 steps x 6 layers); User Pattern Storage x 4, BPM Controller
  • Auto DJ: 3 type of settings – playing order, transition timing, mix style
  • Recorder: up to 2 hours of recording can be saved; WAV format; High resolution files at (96 kHz/24 bit) WAV
  • Player: automatic synchronization (BPM adjustment and beat matching)
  • Playback: MP3, WAV and High Resolution (96 kHz/24 bit) WAV
  • File Manager: sort by file name, track name, or BPM – Alphabetical Search/Playlist/History

Pricing and Availability

The GoDJ Plus portable DJ system is being produced via a Kickstarter project, and is available to project backers for US $349.

12 thoughts on “JD Sound Intros GoDJ Plus Portable DJ System

  1. Went from the KDJ-One to this. At least they are still trying but if their other product is any indication of how they make products. We will never ever see this thing hit the market.
    Maybe its a different company though. Who knows anymore right. LLC’s fo life!

    1. The GODj. The KDJ looked so promising… I mean maybe this could be interesting. Portable with the ability to record tracks from elsewhere, then perform with them. Easier to setup than the laptop + controllers. I hope they update the GUI to not look so bad.

  2. this needed to come out 10 years ago when we all gave a shit about mp3 controllers, bedroom dj’s are so last decade, move on people.

    1. It is an AIO with it’s own memory (16GB Internal) built in and also expandable via a memory card for more Storage.

  3. I feel like…. perhaps dj’s in the US would not GO for this, it’s not big and doesn’t have 60 lights or spinning platters. Half the dj controller business in the US revolves less on what people actually use it for and now on how it looks. Look at the American dj controllers for example. People just want to look like they are really busy and doing something technical but really 9/10 the most used features are cue pts, auto sync, effects that are more exciting to listen to than to dance to, and using joggers to scoot the song around. The best effects are simple, filter, reverb and eq’s/kill switches. That being said, this device looks awesome and is really well designed, I just don’t think it’s what dj’s in the US will want. Also 1 design feature I thought was not good was the top facing speakers. I think 45 degree facing speakers on the edge of the device would project better in a room, but if it really is that loud it might not matter. Also…the wireless sd card is really cool!

  4. youre exactly right Darren…too small to convincingly perpetuate the fake lie to the public that the DJ is actually doing lots of technical and really special things, when in reality he is just hitting PLAY on the next track thats auto-beatmatched and synced for him.

    I also wonder if those touch screens have been tested “out in the field” with the DJ that has scotch spilt over one finger, smoke fluid across the other screen and sweat dripping everywhere else. One small slip on that tiny touch screen and the million-dollar sound system is silent….looks like it needs real accuracy and concentration or you are toast.

    Just too small for pro-use. But a nice toy for the boardroom.

  5. The GGI dancer dude controlled by YOU is weird.

    This video is like a Coors Light commercial. Look at how much awesome fun you could be having. And the beer tastes like piss.

  6. I think it would be great for small parties where you don’t want to hassle with bulky set ups or PA equipment. I like the metal housing too. I’m not crapping on this product, I’m just saying that it’s made for practical people, and often in the US, being practical about dj equipment is the last thing on people’s minds.

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